Eutetranychus orientalis ( Klein, 1936 )

Negm, M. W., 2014, Increasing Knowledge Of The Mite Fauna Of The United Arab Emirates: New Records And A Checklist, Acarologia 54 (1), pp. 113-120: 117

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Eutetranychus orientalis ( Klein, 1936 )


Eutetranychus orientalis ( Klein, 1936)  

Material examined — Two females, Dubai, 12 Jan. 2013, 25°06’ N, 55°08’ E, alt. 145 m, on Nettle-leaved goosefoot, Chenopodium murale   L. ( Amaranthaceae   ).

Remarks — The oriental red mite, Eutetranychus orientalis   , primarily a pest of citrus, is reported from many parts of the world. This is the first report of this species from the UAE.

Distribution — Cosmopolitan.

Four other species of the families, Anystidae Oudemans, 1936   – genus Paratarsotonus; Caligonellidae Grandjean, 1944   – genus Molothrognathus   ; Eupodidae Koch, 1842   – genus Eupodes   ; Tydeidae Kramer, 1877   – genus Tydeus   , were herein first recorded from UAE. It has been difficult to determine the species names because of poor taxonomic competences and the few specimens collected for these groups. However, further collaborations with World Acarologists would be very expected to identify these mites. The material examined is as follows: