Neoseiulus makuwa ( Ehara, 1972 )

Negm, M. W., 2014, Increasing Knowledge Of The Mite Fauna Of The United Arab Emirates: New Records And A Checklist, Acarologia 54 (1), pp. 113-120: 116

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Neoseiulus makuwa ( Ehara, 1972 )


Neoseiulus makuwa ( Ehara, 1972)  

Material examined — Two females, Dubai, 15 Jan. 2013, 25°06’ N, 55°08’ E, alt. 145 m, on Seapurslanes, Sesuvium sp.   ( Aizoaceae   ).

Remarks — The type specimens of Neoseiulus makuwa   were found on Cucumis melo var. makuwa   at Kita-usa, Usa, Oita, Kyushu, Japan ( Ehara 1972). The two collected females completely fit the original description of Ehara (1972) and the redescription given by Zannou et al. (2006), who reported one female in Africa ( Cameroon), on Ageratum conyzoides   L. ( Asteraceae   ). This is the first record of this species in UAE.

Distribution — It was reported from Saudi Arabia in the Middle East ( Negm et al. 2012a). It has also been recorded in Cameroon, China, Indonesia (Sumatra), Japan, South Korea and Taiwan ( Ehara and Amano 2004; Moraes et al. 2004).