Gryonoides garciai Masner & Miko, 2021

Miko, Istvan, Masner, Lubomir, Ulmer, Jonah M., Raymond, Monique, Hobbie, Julia, Tarasov, Sergei, Margaria, Cecilia Beatriz, Seltmann, Katja C. & Talamas, Elijah J., 2021, A semantically enriched taxonomic revision of Gryonoides Dodd, 1920 (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae), with a review of the hosts of Teleasinae, Journal of Hymenoptera Research 87, pp. 523-573 : 523

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Journal of Hymenoptera Research by Pensoft

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Gryonoides garciai Masner & Miko

sp. nov.

Gryonoides garciai Masner & Miko sp. nov.

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Gryonoides garciai is the only Gryonoides species with a medially setose lateral propodeal area. The antennal coloration of this species is also unique: the distal 5 clavomeres are dark brown to black in contrast to the yellow, more proximal antennal regions.


Body length: 2100-2500 µm. Color of head (female): black, interantennal process yellow, mouthparts yellow. Antenna color female: radicle, scape, pedicel, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 proximally yellow, A7 distally, A8, A9, A10, A11, A12 brown. Color of mesosoma (female): mesoscutellum, hind femur distally brown, rest of mesosoma ochre. Color of metasoma (female): ochre, T2, T3 posteriorly, T4, T5, T6, S2, S4, S5, S6 brownish. Female radicle length: elongate, scape 4-4.5 times as long as radicle. Torular triangle and central keel continuity: torular triangle opened dorsally, not continuous reduced central keel. Torular triangle: present. Torular triangle dorsal limit versus midlevel of upper face: torular triangle extending to horizontal (transverse) midline of upper face. Transverse setal fields on upper face: absent. Upper face sculpture: granulous dorsally. Two bare patches equals the width of 2-3 ocelli diameter lateral to torular triangle present. Upper face concavity dorsal view: convex. Central keel: present. Head shape anterior view: head rounded in anterior view (longest head width in horizontal midline of head). Occipital carina structure dorsomedially: crenulate. Facial striae dorsal end: not reaching midlevel of eye. Vertex sculpture: smooth. Notaulus: present. Notaulus anterior end: anterior to the transscutal line. Dorsal metapleural area: with setae. Anteromedial pits of propodeum: absent. Area between plica and lateral propodeal carina sculpture: carinate (1 or 2 carinae present). Number of longitudinal carinae between plica and longitudinal (dorsal) section of lateral propodeal carina: 1. Medial region of lateral propodeal area pilosity: with few setae. Posterior propodeal projection length: more than two times as long as wide. Rugulose sculpture on T3: absent. T3 posterior 4/5th: smooth.


Holotype: Female, CNCHymen_132692, Venezuela: Aragua El Limon, Poso del Diablo , creek, 600m. 18.IV.1994 L. Masner, V94-22 YPT . Paratypes: Venezuela - 7 females (CNC) .

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