Spheciospongia sp. indet. 1

Fassbender, Nico, Stefanoudis, Paris V, Filander, Zoleka Nontlantla, Gendron, Gilberte, Mah, Christopher L, Mattio, Lydiane, Mortimer, Jeanne A, Moura, Carlos J, Samaai, Toufiek, Samimi-Namin, Kaveh, Wagner, Daniel, Walton, Rowana & Woodall, Lucy C, 2021, Reef benthos of Seychelles - A field guide, Biodiversity Data Journal 9, pp. 65970-65970 : 65970

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Spheciospongia sp. indet. 1


Spheciospongia sp. indet. 1


Type status: Other material. Taxon: scientificName: Spheciospongia sp. 1; kingdom: Animalia; phylum: Porifera; class: Demospongiae; order: Clionaida; family: Clionaidae; genus: Spheciospongia; scientificNameAuthorship: Marshall, 1892; Location: waterBody: Indian Ocean; country: Seychelles; locality: Aldabra N 1, Aldabra W 1, Astove W 1, D'Arros N 1, Desroches S 1 ; minimumDepthInMeters: 10 m; maximumDepthInMeters: 72 m; locationRemarks: First Descent : Seychelles Expedition ; Identification : identifiedBy: Nico Fassbender , Toufiek Samaai , Paris Stefanoudis ; dateIdentified: 2019, 2020; identificationRemarks: identified only from imagery; Event : samplingProtocol: Submersible OR Remotely Operated Vehicle OR SCUBA; Record Level: basisOfRecord: Human observation


Thickly encrusting, plate-like sponges; buried in sand, with groups of tubes exposed with conspicuous terminal oscules. Maximum recorded size: 1 m across. Tubes growing more towards the centre of the individual sponge tend to be volcano-shaped and larger with multiple oscules. Colour is dark green to black (Fig. 153).