Antatelson cuneatum, Krapp-Schickel, 2006

Krapp-Schickel, Traudl, 2006, Thaumatelsonine Stenothoids (Crustacea, Amphipoda). Part 2, Zootaxa 1165, pp. 1-31 : 13-17

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Antatelson cuneatum

n. sp.

Antatelson cuneatum n. sp.

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Material examined

Holotype. Australia, Victoria, Eastern Bass Strait , 7.3 km SSW of Cape Conran (37 o 52.65’S, 148 o 42.15’E), 49 m, coarse sand, Smith­McIntyre grab, Coleman coll, N, Sarda, RV, 4 June 1991 (stn MSL­EG 89 ), NMV J22647 View Materials (1 male). GoogleMaps

Allotype. Australia, Victoria, Eastern Bass Strait , 8.6 km WSW of Cape Conran (37 o 51.19’S, 148 o 38.53’E), 51 m, mud­shell, Smith­McIntyre grab, Marine Science Laboratories coll, Sarda, RV, 28 September 1990 (stn MSL­EG 56 ), NMV J22648 View Materials (1 female). GoogleMaps

Paratypes. Australia, Victoria, Eastern Bass Strait , 1.3 km WSW of Cape Conran (37 o 49.37’S, 148 o 43.02’E), 33 m, sand­shell, (stn MSL­EG 52 ), NMV J22581 View Materials (1) GoogleMaps ; 3.2 km S of Cape Conran (37 o 50.63’S, 148 o 43.47’E), 49 m, sand­shell, (stn MSL­EG 55 ), NMV J22587 View Materials (6) GoogleMaps ; 5.4 km SW of Cape Conran (37 o 51.28’S, 148 o 43.73’E), 50 m, sand­shell, (stn MSL­EG 57 ), NMV J22652 View Materials (2) GoogleMaps ; 8.6 km WSW of Cape Conran (37 o 51.19’S, 148 o 38.53’E), 51 m, mud­shell, (stn MSL­EG 56 ), NMV J52747 View Materials (4 juveniles) all collected by Smith­ McIntyre grab, Marine Science Laboratories, Sarda, RV, 28 September 1990 GoogleMaps ; 7.3 km SSW of Cape Conran (37 o 52.65’S, 148 o 42.15’E), 49 m, coarse sand, Smith­McIntyre grab, Coleman, N, Sarda, RV, 4 June 1991 (stn MSL­EG 90 ) GoogleMaps , NMV J22588 View Materials GoogleMaps (1).

Other material

Australia New South Wales, AMS, P 48537 View Materials , 34°07’S 151° 10’E 40m GoogleMaps ; P 48539 View Materials , Bate Bay , NSW, 34° 07’S 151°10’E, T­4­339 70m GoogleMaps depth. Coll., The ecology lab Jan 1991; P 48542 View Materials , Bate Bay , NSW, 34° 07’S 151°10’E, T­4­341 70m GoogleMaps depth. Coll.: The ecology lab Jan 1991; P 48547, P48547 NSW, 28°36.8’S, 153° 37.8’E NSW­653 16m GoogleMaps , shelly sand amongst turf on rocks, P 49723 View Materials , Julian Rocks NSW, 28°36,8’S, 153°37.8’E, 15m GoogleMaps ..

Australia, Victoria, Western Port NMV J39606 View Materials ; NMV J39608 View Materials ; NMV J39610 View Materials ; NMV J39609 View Materials , NMV J39607 View Materials . Eastern Bass Strait, 10.4 km ESE of eastern edge of Lake Tyers NMV J22642 View Materials , NMV J22590 View Materials ; NMV J22651 View Materials , NMV J22582 View Materials , NMV J22641 View Materials . 18.1 km W of Pt Ricardo (37 o 49.30’S, 148 o 25.44’E) GoogleMaps NMV J22635 View Materials ). 4.6 km S of Cape Conran (37 o 51.43’S, 148 o 43.73’E) GoogleMaps NMV J22580 View Materials ; NMV J22578 View Materials ; NMV J22636 View Materials ; NMV J22646 View Materials ; NMV J22584 View Materials ; NMV J22634 View Materials ; NMV J22649 View Materials ; NMV J22586 View Materials ; NMV J22585 View Materials ; NMV J24510 View Materials ; NMV J22637 View Materials ; NMV J22643 View Materials (1) ; NMV J22589 View Materials ; NMV J22644 View Materials ; NMV J22639 View Materials ; NMV J22645 View Materials ;, NMV J22650 View Materials ; NMV J22579 View Materials (2) ; NMV J22577 View Materials .


Antenna 1 article 1 nasiform process reaching half of article 3. Mandibular palp with 2 articles. Gnathopods 1, 2 both palms well defined, oblique, hind margins parallel to front margins; gnathopod 1, 2 propodi length equal or more than twice as wide. Pereonite 4 on each side a thickened small knob on the widest spot. Uropod 1, 2 surpassing length of telson.


Length, 1.5–2.5mm.

Antenna 1 subequal antenna 2. Antenna 1 article 1 large, nasiform process surpassing end of article 2; article 3 <article 2; flagellum accessorium minute; flagellum in male with long aesthetascs. Antenna 2 article 4 <article 5, flagellum with 6–7 articles.

Mandibular incisor well developed, with broad cusps; raker spine row with 4 strong robust setae; no clearly developed molar cusp; palp with 2 articles, the second about double length of first, with long distal seta; or articulation of third article not seen. For other mouthparts and coxae see Thaumatelson herdmani .

Gnathopod 1 palm about as long as hind margin, oblique, defined by group of setae and robust setae; carpus triangular, with 2 long robust setae (one plumose), merus rectangular, distally one long and one very short seta, hind margin densely beset with short fine setae; basis distally widened by flange. Gnathopod 2 longer, but not broader than gnathopod 1; palm clearly shorter than propodus hind margin, defined by two robust setae; propodus distad widening. Carpus trapezoidal, distal one plumose and one smooth seta, along hind margin dense setae; merus rectangular; basis distally widened by anterior flange; anterodistally with group of stiff robust setae.

Pereopods 3–7 simple, feeble. P3 as in Gn2 basis anterodistally with group of stiff robust setae. In female only P3 with oostegites.

Uropods extending less far posteriorly in succession; on peduncle and rami 0–1 short robust setae. Uropod 3 ramus first article with strong distal robust seta, article 2 subequal article 1; upper side of all rami with fine serration.

Telson reaching end of uropod 3 ramus; insertion not hidden under urosome; distally rounded, setae lacking.

Etymology As shown in the habitus drawing seen from above, the shape of this species is like a little wedge; specific epithet is an adjective of cuneus = Latin for wedge.


Among the five extant species of Antatelson this new one resembles only A. antennatum , as all others have dorsal body­processes. From A. antennatum it differs by the narrower gnathopods.

Distribution Australia, Victoria, Western Port and Bass strait; New South Wales.

Ecology In sand, shell or mud, in depth of 15– 51m.


Collection of Leptospira Strains


Museum Victoria

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