Parathaumatelson Gurjanova, 1938

Krapp-Schickel, Traudl, 2006, Thaumatelsonine Stenothoids (Crustacea, Amphipoda). Part 2, Zootaxa 1165, pp. 1-31 : 25-27

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Parathaumatelson Gurjanova, 1938


Parathaumatelson Gurjanova, 1938

Gurjanova, 1938, 277, 387. Barnard, 1972b,158. Barnard, 1974b,108.

Type species, Metopella nasica (Stephensen) .


Antenna 1 article 1 nasiform process; accessory flagellum absent. Mandible palp absent, maxilla 1 palp 2 articles, maxilla 2 plates fused, inner plate short, between tandem­ and riding position. Gnathopod 1, 2 subchelate, scarcely different in size and shape, palm shorter than posterior margin, which is parallel to anterior one; gnathopod 1 merus lobed and produced, gnathopod 2 merus short. Pereopods 3–7 dactyli with comb­row of setae. Pleonsegment 3 lacking dorsal process. Urosomite 1 with dorsal fold, vaulting over urosomite 2 and part of telson, compress with carena. Urosomite 2 triangular, urosomite 3 shortened; suture between second and third urosomite not clearly visible. Telson vaulted dorsally, apex obtuse and upturned, like minute spoon; partly concealed under the long dorsal process of first urosomite.


When Schellenberg 1931 selected Pseudothaumatelson patagonicum as type of his genus Pseudothaumatelson , he included Metopella nasica Stephensen. Gurjanova created the genus Parathaumatelson for Metopella nasica , but J.L. Barnard 1964 synonymised again the genera. J.L. Barnard (1972b, 158) revived Parathaumatelson stressing the following characters: mandibular palp (one long article in Pseudothaumatelson , lacking in Parathaumatelson ), accessory flagellum (not observed in both genera, however discussed in J.L. Barnard 1972b), size and shape of gnathopods (similar in Parathaumatelson , dissimilar in Pseudothaumatelson ). By the latter character as well as the nasiform article 1 of the first antenna Parathaumatelson resembles Chucullba but has very different third uropods and telson. I surmise that the complex of the genera Pseudothaumatelson , Thaumatelsonella (both treated in part 1, Krapp­Schickel 2000) and Parathaumatelson all have a similar structure of urosome and telson and are closely related, having the most plesiomorph characters of all thaumatelsonids. The "fleshy" three­dimensional telson is described in different ways according to different techniques of dissection and preparation of slides.

Parathaumatelson nasicum ( Stephensen, 1927)

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Metopella nasica Stephensen, 1927 , 309–311, fig. 7.

Parathaumatelson nasica Gurjanova, 1938 , 387. Barnard, 1964, 71. 1972b, 158–160, fig. 90. 1974b, 108.

Pseudothaumatelson nasica J.L. Barnard, 1964 , 71.

Material examined

Type material. CM­CR­3199 Holotype and syntype Auckland, Carnley harbour, under stones, 29.11. 1914 2 spec. 1.5mm; CM­CRU­7493 syntype Auckland, Carnley harbour, 3.12. 1914 1 spec. 2mm; CM­CRU­3200 Auckland, Carnley harbour, 25.11. 1914 1 female ovigerous, 2.5mm. ­ SIM 4 ind. alcohol, Nr. 149528. AMS (Snares I., SA­820, 10/ 1/1975, among algae, lower littoral rocks) 1 ind. slide, 2 in alcohol, Nr. P048535.


Antenna 1<antenna 2, antenna 1 article 1 strongly nasiform swollen, article 2 short; antenna 2 article 3 trapezium­shaped; mandible palp lacking; gnathopod 1, 2 subchelate, similar; pereonite 4 enlarged, equal in length to pereonites 2+3. Urosome very compressed, with dorsal carina. Thick fold of urosomite 1 vaulting over urosomite 2 and part of telson, length of urosomite 1 dorsally about the same as length of antenna 1 article 1 dorsally. Uropod 1, 2 peduncle subequal to blade­shaped rami, dorsal margins of peduncles and rami crenulated; uropod 3 ramus long and blade­shaped; insertion of peduncle hidden by translucid, but strong integument, linking or nearly "bandaging" urosomite 1 ventrally with insertion of telson. Telson inserted three­dimensionally, not excavated but dorsally convex, proximally coalesced with urosomite 3.

Distribution New Zealand and Snares Islands.

Ecology Among algae on lower littoral rocks.












Parathaumatelson Gurjanova, 1938

Krapp-Schickel, Traudl 2006

Pseudothaumatelson nasica J.L. Barnard, 1964

J. L. Barnard 1964

Parathaumatelson nasica

Gurjanova 1938

Parathaumatelson nasicum (

Stephensen 1927

Metopella nasica Stephensen, 1927

Stephensen. Gurjanova 1927
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