Calycomyza platyptera (Thompson)

Lonsdale, Owen, 2021, Manual of North American Agromyzidae (Diptera, Schizophora), with revision of the fauna of the " Delmarva " states, ZooKeys 1051, pp. 1-481: 1

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Calycomyza platyptera (Thompson)


Calycomyza platyptera (Thompson)  

Figs 472-474 View Figures 466–474

Agromyza platyptera   Thomson, 1868: 608. Melander 1913: 257; Malloch 1913: 293; Frost 1924: 50; Frick 1956: 288 [as synonym of jucunda Wulp].

Calycomyza platyptera   . Steyskal, 1973a: 191; Spencer and Steyskal 1986b: 142; Martinez and Etienne 2002: 30; Diaz et al. 2015: 390; Scheffer and Lonsdale 2018: 86; Eiseman and Lonsdale 2018: 34; Eiseman et al. 2019: 308; Monteiro et al. 2019: 167.


Wing length 1.5-1.8 mm (♂), 1.6-2.2 mm (♀). Length of ultimate section of vein M4 divided by penultimate section: 2.4-3.1. Eye height divided by gena height: 3.7-5.1. First flagellomere circular. Notum subshiny to variably pruinose.

Chaetotaxy: Two ori; two ors. Ocellar seta relatively thin and ~ 2/3 length of postocellar. Two well-developed dorsocentral setae. Acrostichal setulae in six straight to irregular rows. Two posteromedial setae on mid tibia, with one or both reduced to absent.

Colouration: Setae dark brown. Head yellow with back of head, clypeus, palpus, ocellar tubercle and antenna dark brown; frons brown in posterolateral corner to base of posterior ors along fronto-orbital plate; dorsal 1/2 of face variably brown Thorax dark brown with postpronotum (excluding dark anteromedial spot confluent with margin), notopleuron (excluding dark elongate sublateral spot) and small anterolateral spot behind suture yellow. Halter white. Calypter margin and hairs white. Legs and abdomen dark brown.

Genitalia: (Figs 472-474 View Figures 466–474 ) Epandrium and surstylus with dense patch of tubercle-like setae on inner-distal margin. Inner lobe of hypandrium surrounding outer margin of postgonite and with one seta. Basiphallus broadly sclerotised on dorsal/left-lateral surface with apical corner on left side well-sclerotised and distinctly pointed. Hypophallus ca. as long as basiphallus, made up of one pair of narrow, irregular, rod-like sclerites. Paraphalli ill-defined, elongate, and pale with base darker; diverging at base and nearly parallel apically, fused to transverse bar emerging from base of mesophallus in front of point of duct insertion. Mesophallus slightly longer than basiphallus with base especially bulbous, contrasting longer, more slender sclerite in C. humeralis and C. solidaginis   ; small medial sclerite between mesophallus and distiphallus present. Distiphallus divided into two short tubules that have a dorsoventrally flattened “stem” that is marked laterally by a subbasal constriction; distal section slightly angled dorsally, relatively pale and with thin cover enclosing small fringed inner structure. Ejaculatory apodeme with stout asymmetrical base grading into sclerotised origin of duct and sclerotised bar across sperm pump; stem stout, blade not especially large, pale marginally.


Asteraceae  - Ambrosia   , Arctium   , Artemisia   , Aster   , Baccharis   , Bidens   , Conyza   , Cynara   , Erechtites   , Erigeron   , Eupatorium   , Gaillardia   , Gamochaeta   , Grindelia   , Helenium   , Helianthus   , Heterotheca   , Iva   , Mikania   , Senecio   , Silphium   , Solidago   , Symphyotrichum   , Tagetes   , Tithonia   , Xanthium   , Zinnia   ( Spencer and Steyskal 1986b; Spencer 1990; Benavent-Corai et al. 2005; Eiseman and Lonsdale 2018). The rearing record of " Aplopappus squarrosa   " below, originally noted in Frost (1924), corresponds to Hazardia squarrosa   (C. Eiseman, pers. comm.).


Canada: MB, NS, ON, SK. USA: CA, CO, FL, GA*, IA, IL*, IN*, KS, LA*, MA, MD*, MI*, MO*, MS, NC, OH*, OK, TN*, TX*, VA*, WV*. Argentina. Brazil. Cuba. Grand Cayman. Ecuador. Guadeloupe. Jamaica.

Type material.

Holotype [platyptera]: USA. CA (1♀, NRS). [Not examined]

Material examined.

Canada. MB: Aweme, 4.ix.1912 [?], N. Criddle (1♀, USNM), Brandon, 1.vii.1946, P.H. Westdal, coll. on potato (1♂, CFS), ON: Wellington Co., Stone Rd E, 16.ix.1991, Malaise, R.A. Cannings (1♂, RBCM), Moose Factory,, D.P. Whillans, CNC391482 (1♂, CNC), SK: Sintaluta, 23.vii.1987, A. Paton, reared from Iva xanthifolia   , CNC391466, CNC391467 (1♂ 1♀, CNC). Grand Cayman: Georgetown, 15-30.iii.1965, J.R. McLintock, Malaise trap, CNC391471 (1♀, CNC)   . USA. CA: Los Angeles Co., "ace 255", ex. Zinnia   leaf blotches, 1.ix.1940, R.M. Bohart (1♀, USNM), Los Angeles , leaf-miner of Aplopappus squarrosa   , bred in June , Coquillett (2♀, USNM), Los Angeles Co. , Coquillett (1♂ 1♀, USNM), Napa / Lake Co. , McLaughlin Reserve , 13.vii.2015, E. LoPresti and C.S. Eiseman, Helianthus exilis   em. 20.vii-11.viii.2015, #CSE1811, CNC564639-564646 (4♂, 4♀, CNC), CO: Boulder , 1828 m,, B.H. Poole, CNC391469 (1♀, CNC), FL: Orlando, 28.ii.1918, “GGA”, J.M. Aldrich (1♀, USNM), Bade Co. , farm near Royal Palm Hammock, 4.xii.1961, Munroe, Holland and Chillcott, CNC391477 (1♂, CNC), Chattahoochee, 26.iv.1952, O. Peck, CNC391480 (1♀, CNC), Everglades N.P., Paradise Key, 30.iii.1953, W.R.M. Mason, CNC391472 (1♂, CNC), Gainesville, 26.iv.1952, O. Peck, CNC391481 (1♂, CNC), Homestead, 4.iv.1952, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC391474 (1♂, CNC), Key Largo, 5-6.xii.1961, Munroe, Holland and Chillcott, mercury vapour light, CNC391473 (1♂, CNC), Miami-Dade Co. , Redlands, 25°31'N, 80°30'W, 7.xi.2011, R. Diaz and J. McClurg, reared from leaves of Mikania micrantha   , CNC391491, CNC391490 (1♂ 1♀, CNC), Pasco Co. , Moon L., 16.iv.1952, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC391479 (1♂, CNC), Quincy, 13.v.1964, [K.A. Spencer], mine Xanthium   , em. 18-26.v.1964, CNC391476 (2♂ / ♀, CNC), Sanford,, [K.A. Spencer], ex Ambrosia artemisifolia   , CNC391478 (2♂, CNC), St. Lucie Co. , Fort Pierce , U of FL quarantine, greenhouse #3, 27°26'N, 80°25'W, 10.xi.2011, R. Diaz and J. McClurg, colony, CNC391485-391489 (1♂ 4♀, CNC), St. Lucie Co. , Fort Pierce , near U of FL campus, 27°26'N, 80°25'W, 12.xi.2011, R. Diaz and J. McClurg, reared from leaves of Mikania scandens   CNC391492-391494 (1♂ 2♀, CNC), E.D. Bennett, leaf miner Baccharis halimifolia   , Lakewales   , v.1960 (1?, USNM), North Fort Charlotte (1♂, USNM), O'Neil (1♂ 1♀, USNM), Summerville S.C. (1♂, USNM), Daytona Beach, v.1960, F.D. Bennett (1♀, USNM), GA: Richmond Hill, v.1960, F.D. Bennett, coll. as adult on Baccharis halimifolia   (1♀, USNM), Tifton, x.1896, J.M. Aldrich (1♂, USNM), IA: Howard Co. , Hayden Prairie State Preserve, 15.vii.2015, C.S. Eiseman, Silphium perfoliatum   , em. by 19-23.vii.2015, #CSE1743, CNC654359, CNC654360 (1♂ 1♀, CNC), IL: K-hook, “6-7.32”, hack, "262 amb.", ex. Ambrosia trifina   , "Lawson, ‘33”, IN: Logansport, 10.viii.1915, J.M. Aldrich (1♀, USNM), Lafayette, J.M. Aldrich, 10.iv.1915 (1♀, USNM), v.1927 (2♀, USNM), “x.13” (2♂, USNM), “x.15” (2♂, USNM), “x.16” (1♀, USNM), Lafayette, J.M. Aldrich, from star-shaped mine in burdock, 29.ix.1913 (1♀, USNM), Shelby, 24.v.1914, J.M. Aldrich (1♀, USNM), KS: Riley Co. , Konza Prairie, 3.vii.2015, C.S. Eiseman, Helianthus annuus   em. 13.vii.2015, #CSE1702, CNC564652 (1♀, CNC), Medora, sand dunes, 17.iv.1982, G.W. Sabrosky (1♀, USNM), Manhattan, D.A. Wilbur, 17.x.1933 (1♀, USNM), 2.v.1930 (1♀, USNM), 8.x.1930 (1?, USNM), 17.ix.1933 (1♂ 1♀, USNM), LA: Baton Rouge, 28.v.1917, collected on Globe artichoke, T.H. Jones, Chittenden No. 4257-1, issued iv.1917 (1♀, USNM), issued iii.17 (1♂, USNM), issued 12.iii.1917 (1♂, USNM), Lake Charles ,, J.M. Aldrich (2♀, USNM), MA: Franklin Co. , Northfield, 263 Capt. Beers Plain Rd. , 11.vii.2012, C.S. Eiseman, ex Ambrosia artemisiifolia   , em. 14.vii.2012, CNC391483,CNC391484 (2♀, CNC), MD: Cabin john Bridge, 28.iv, “19/2”, Knab and Malloch (1♀, USNM), P.G. Co., Camp Springs, 16.vii.1979, Malaise trap, G.F. Hevel (1♀, USNM), Colesville,, W.W. Wirth (1♀, USNM), Cabin John, “x-21”, J.M. Aldrich (1♂, USNM), MI: S Haven,, C.W. Sabrosky (1♀, USNM), Nottawa,, C.W. Sabrosky (1♀, USNM), Hart,, C.W. Sabrosky (1♀, USNM), E Lansing, 29.vii.1941, C. Sabrosky (1♀, USNM), E Lansing, 6.viii.1941, B. Wilson (1♀, USNM), St. Joseph ,, C.W. Sabrosky (1♂, USNM), Manhattan, 1.x.1933, H.M. Smith (1♂, USNM), MO: McDonald Co. , nr. Lanagan, 8.v.1984, G.F. and J.F. Hevel (1♀, USNM), NC: Carteret Co. , Atlantic Beach, 3-4.ix.1986, G.F. and J.F. Hevel (1♂ 3♀, USNM), OH: Champion Co. , Kiser Lake S.P., 40°11.6'N, 83°58.8'W, 5.ix.1976, S.A. Steinly (1♀, USNM), OK: Payne Co. , Mehan, 20.v.2016, M.W. Palmer, Silphium laciniatum   , em., #CSE2666, CNC654004 (1♂, CNC), TN: East Ridge , 9.v.1952, O. Peck, CNC391470 (1♂, CNC), TX: Welder Wildlife Ref. nr Sinton, 19-23.iii.1965, J.G. Chillcott, CNC391468 (1♂, CNC), Clarendon, 19.ix.1905, on Grindelia squarrosa   , "9/23/05, VI ia", Hunter No. 108a, W.D. Pierce (1♀, USNM), Colemon, 6.xi.1936, R.H. Painter (1♂, USNM), VA: Arlington, 23.viii.1906, leaf mine on Zinnia   , issued 25.viii.1926 (1♀, USNM), issued 24.viii.1926 (1♂ 1♀, USNM), Great Falls ,, A.L. Melander (3♀, USNM), WV: Morgan Co., nr. Great Cacapon, 3.vii.1983, G.F. and J.F. Hevel (1♀, USNM) GoogleMaps   .