Cymosema waterworthae Burks & Mottern

Burks, Roger A., Heraty, John M., Mottern, Jason, Dominguez, Chrysalyn & Heacox, Scott, 2017, Biting the bullet: revisionary notes on the Oraseminae of the Old World (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Eucharitidae), Journal of Hymenoptera Research 55, pp. 139-188: 152-156

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Cymosema waterworthae Burks & Mottern

sp. n.

Cymosema waterworthae Burks & Mottern   sp. n. Figs 21-26 View Figures 21–26 , 27 View Figure 27


Named in honor of the collector, Rebeccah Waterworth.


Mandibles bidentate and overlapping, teeth of equal length and projecting medially. Funiculars cylindrical. Frons weakly reticulate. Submarginal vein bare, fore wing without marginal fringe.


Length 1.4 mm. Head, mesosoma, and metasoma brown with metallic luster. Scape yellowish-brown, pedicel and flagellum brown. Legs brown, with tibial apices, and first four tarsomeres pale brown. Fore wing hyaline; venation pale brown, setae dark. Gaster brown with faint metallic luster.

Head (Figs 21-22 View Figures 21–26 ) transverse, 1.6 × as broad as high. Head receding ventral to toruli; face reticulate, including supraclypeal area; clypeus shallowly transversely rugose-reticulate, anteclypeus present; vertex not carinate. Mandibles bidentate, both teeth projecting medially, narrow and only weakly curved (Fig. 21 View Figures 21–26 ). Palpal formula 2:1, palpi minute. Pedicel broader than F2; scape and pedicel reticulate; flagellum 1.5 × head height, with 7 parallel-sided funiculars; anellus minute and hardly visible; F2 1.6 × as long as broad, F2 1.1 × as long as F3.

Mesosoma (Figs 23-24 View Figures 21–26 , 27 View Figure 27 ). Mesoscutal midlobe coriaceous anteriorly, becoming smooth posteriorly, lateral lobe mostly smooth but with shallow irregular sculpture anteriorly and laterally; notauli deep anteriorly but very shallow posteriorly. Axilla strongly advanced, smooth anteriorly, coriaceous posteriorly; mesoscutellar disc smooth to very shallowly coriaceous; frenal line indicated by narrow groove, frenum smooth; axillular sulcus narrow, axillula coriaceous. Mesepisternum reticulate anterodorsally, becoming smooth ventrally and forming a rounded horizontal shelf anterior to mesocoxae; mesepimeron shallowly reticulate and without a transepimeral sulcus. Propodeal disc finely reticulate, with a weak median carina, sublaterally reticulate and with an oblique elevation anterior to a steep descent towards the broad petiolar foramen; callus bare, with a flange-like elevation posterolateral to spiracle (Fig. 24 View Figures 21–26 , flange). Metacoxa shallowly reticulate dorsolaterally. Fore wing spatulate (Fig. 27 View Figure 27 ), 2.7 × as long as broad; costal cell and submarginal vein bare; basal cell ventrally setose, also with a few dorsal setae near   basal fold; speculum absent; cubital and subcubital folds setose; marginal fringe absent; stigmal vein 2.0 × as long as broad; postmarginal vein about 1.5 × as long as stigmal vein. Hind wing costal cell bare.

Metasoma (Figs 25-26 View Figures 21–26 ). Petiole 1.6 × as long as broad, 1.0 × as long as metacoxa, finely longitudinally rugose-reticulate, with a pair of complete lateral longitudinal carinae and some additional incomplete longitudinal carinae anteriorly, narrowing anteriorly to abruptly expand anteriorly at the condyle, without anterior transverse carina, ventrally with a longitudinal groove that expands at apices. Acrosternite with irregular raised sculpture, swollen and differentiated across indistinct antecostal sulcus from remaining smooth Gs1. Cercus with all setae subequal in length. Hypopygium bare. Ovipositor elongate and slightly recurved, dorsal valve with 7 medially interrupted annuli; ventral valve with 5-6 teeth, and with oblique carina ending in a notch immediately basal to toothed apex.



Material examined.

Holotype: Australia: Western Australia: D’Entrecasteaux N.P., Coastal Survivors Walk , 105m, 34°50'19"S, 116°00'17"E, 8.xii.2009, R. Waterworth, sweep [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00364784], deposited in UCRC. Gaster mounted separately on card. GoogleMaps