Lagis Malmgren, 1866

Zhang, Jinghuai & Hutchings, Pat, 2019, A revision of Australian Pectinariidae (Polychaeta), with new species and new records, Zootaxa 4611 (1), pp. 1-70: 27

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Lagis Malmgren, 1866


Genus Lagis Malmgren, 1866  

Type species. Lagis koreni Malmgren, 1866  

Diagnosis. Cephalic veil at least partially fused to operculum. Anterior rim of cephalic veil with numerous long cirri. Dorsal and lateral margins of semicircular operculum smooth, ventral margin with numerous notopodial paleae on each side. Comb-like branchiae on segments 3 – 4. Notopodia other than those of segment 1, which bear paleae, on segments 5 – 19 (15 pairs), with notochaetae. Neuropodia, 13 pairs, with transverse row of uncini, on segments 8 – 19. Uncini with more than two longitudinal rows of major teeth. Scaphe flattened dorsally, with anal flap, and distinctly separate from posterior segments.

Remarks. The genus Lagis   currently has 10 species recorded from around the world: Lagis koreni Malmgren, 1866   , L. abranchiata ( Fauvel, 1932)   , L. australis ( Ehlers, 1904)   , L. bocki ( Hessle, 1917)   , L. crenulatus Sun & Qiu 2012   , L. hupferi ( Nilsson, 1928)   , L. neapolitana ( Claparède, 1869)   , L. plurihamus Choi, Jung & Yoon, 2017   , L. pseudokoreni ( Day, 1955)   , and L. tenera Hartmann-Schröder, 1959   . Only one species L. australis ( Ehlers, 1904)   is recorded from Australasian waters in Lyttelton, New Zealand (see Table 2). The genus Lagis   is easily distinguished from other two genera Amphictene   and Pectinaria   which are present in Australian waters by the cephalic veil which is partially fused to the opercular lateral margin. We describe two species of Lagis   from Australia, including a new species L. portus   n. sp. from Sydney and Lagis   sp. from Weipa, Queensland. This is the first record of the genus from Australian waters.