Centrarchus macropterus (Lacepede 1801)

Simon, Thomas P., Morris, Charles C., Robb, Joseph R. & McCoy, William, 2015, Biological Diversity, Ecological Health and Condition of Aquatic Assemblages at National Wildlife Refuges in Southern Indiana, USA, Biodiversity Data Journal 3, pp. 4300-4300 : 4300

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Centrarchus macropterus (Lacepede 1801)


Centrarchus macropterus (Lacepede 1801)


Patoka River NWR: 62, 68

Muscatatuck NWR: 2, 5, 12

Flier is a centarchid species largely associated with the southeastern and eastern United States. Its distribution is restricted to the Coastal Plain from the Chesapeake Bay to Eastern Texas and north through the Mississippi Embayment to southern Illinois and Indiana ( Smith 1979, Lee et al. 1980). Records for Indiana depict its distribution to be limited to the southwestern and central portions of the state ( Gerking 1945). The flier was collected from three sites in this study including the Vernon Fork, from Mutton Creek, and from Moss Lake (Table 1). These records constitute the furthest northern and easternmost collections within the species range ( Gerking 1945, Lee et al. 1980).


A total of 11 individuals were collected from the Muscatatuck NWR. Our flier individuals occurred in pool and low-flow, basic gradient streams with wood debris ( Gerking 1945, Lee et al. 1980).