Anomiopus pictus (Harold, 1862)

Chamorro, William, Marin-Armijos, Diego, senjo, Angelico & Vaz-De-Mello, Fernando Z., 2019, Scarabaeinae dung beetles from Ecuador: a catalog, nomenclatural acts, and distribution records, ZooKeys 826, pp. 1-343: 9

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Anomiopus pictus (Harold, 1862)


Anomiopus pictus (Harold, 1862)   Plate 3C

Onthocharis picta   Harold, 1862: 398 (original description. Type locality: Brazil, Amazonas, Ega [= Tefé]).

Onthocharis picta   : Gemminger and Harold 1869: 1002 (catalog); Gillet 1911a: 51 (catalog); Blackwelder 1944: 204 (list of species for Latin America); Vulcano and Pereira 1967: 581 (list).

Anomiopus pictus   : Vaz-de-Mello 2000: 190 (cited for Brazil); Canhedo 2006: 362 (characters in key), 449 (redescription); Krajcik 2012: 28 (complete list of species, cited as Anomiopus picta   Harold, 1862); Ratcliffe et al. 2015: 196 (cited for Peru); Chamorro et al. 2018: 91 (cited for Ecuador).

Type specimens.

Onthocharis picta   Harold, 1862. The holotype is deposited at the MNHN (ex coll. E Harold, ex coll. R Oberthür). Locality: Ega [= Tefé], examined.

Holotype (unsexed specimen): "Type [hw]", "Ega [hw]", "picta / Harold [hw]", "HOLOTYPE [p, red label, black margin]", "Ex. Museo / E. Harold [p, black margin]", "Museum Paris / ex. Coll. / R. Oberthur [p, black margin]".


Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

Records examined.

ORELLANA: Parque Nacional Yasuni, Río Rumiyacu Pozo Apaika, 215 m (1 specimen CEMT).

Temporal data.

Collected in October.


Inhabits the lowland evergreen forests of the Amazon region at 215 m a.s.l. Collected with canopy fogging methods.