Polyphylla petitii (Guérin-Méneville)

La Rue, Delbert A., 2016, Natural history, ecology, and conservation of the genus Polyphylla Harris, 1841. 1. New species from the southwestern United States and Baja California, Mexico, with notes on distribution and synonymy (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae), Insecta Mundi 2016 (491), pp. 1-41 : 30-32

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Polyphylla petitii (Guérin-Méneville)


Polyphylla petitii (Guérin-Méneville)

not petiti of authors [ICZN 1999, Article 33.4]

Materials examined. GUATEMALA: Baja Verapaz, 6 km S. Purulhá, 11.X.1985, P. Hubbell, at light ( DALC).

HONDURAS: Cortés, Parque Nacional Cusuco , 1600 m, 15°29’ N, 88°12’ W, 1.III.1995, R. Cordero GoogleMaps ; 21.VIII.1998, J. Torres; Francisco Morazán, El Zamorano, elev. 850 m, 14°1’ N, 87°0’ W, 2.V.1988, F. Restrepo GoogleMaps ; 1.V.-31.VII.1990, Estudiantes EAP [Escuela Agrícola Panamericana]; 6.IX.1990, F. Barahona; 10.VI.1999, M. Avilés and S. Avila; Gracias a Dios, 2.2 km SE Wampusirpi , elev. 60 m, 15°9’ N, 84°36’ W, 23.IV.2001, R. Cave and R. Cordero GoogleMaps ; Lempira, Erandique , elev. 1270 m, 14°15’ N, 88°27’ W, 16.IX.2000, R. Cordero GoogleMaps ; Montaña de Puca , elev. 1150 m, 14°42’ N, 88°34’ W, 28.VI.2000, R. Cordero and J. Torres GoogleMaps ; Olancho, Montaña del Malacate , elev. 800 m, 15°7’ N, 85°35’ W, 18.IV.1999, R. Cave and J. Torres GoogleMaps ; Montaña del Malacate , elev. 900 m, 15°8’ N, 85°35’ W, 9.IX.1999, R. Cave, J. Torres, and R. Díaz GoogleMaps ; Yoro, Linda Vista , elev. 1000 m, 15°9’ N, 87°38’ W, 10.IX.1999, R. Cave, J. Torres and R. Díaz GoogleMaps ; 8.XII.1999, R. Cordero; Parque Nacional Pico Bonito, El Portillo , elev. 640 m, 15°26’ N, 87°8’ W, 27.IX.2000, R. Cordero and J. Torres GoogleMaps ; 26-27.I.2001, R. Reyes (all EAPZ) .

NICARAGUA: Estelí, Cerro Tomabú , 1295 m, 29.X.2000, J. M. Maes and B. Tellez ; Jinotega, El Jaguar , 1346 m, 13°14’N 86°09’W, 14-16.IX.2004, J. M. Maes (both JMMC) GoogleMaps .

Remarks. The southern distributional extent of this species was previously reported from “ Nicaragua, Nueva Segovia, 15 km north of Jalapa” ( La Rue 1998:32).

The Nicaragua records presently extend the known distribution of the genus and species in the New World approximately 100 km south and below 13° north latitude. The genus has not been encountered in adjacent Costa Rica (A. Solís, in litt.).


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