Cirolanides Benedict, 1896

Schwartz, Benjamin F., Hutchins, Benjamin T., Schwartz, Zachary G., Hess, Alexander J. & Bonett, Ronald M., 2019, Cirolanides wassenichae sp. nov., a freshwater, subterranean Cirolanidae (Isopoda, Cymothoida) with additional records of other species from Texas, United States, Zootaxa 4543 (4), pp. 498-514: 502

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Cirolanides Benedict, 1896


Genus Cirolanides Benedict, 1896  

Type species. Cirolanides texensis Benedict 1896   ; by monotypy.

Included species. Previously monotypic with two described subspecies: Cirolanides texensis texensis Botosaneanu and Iliffe 2002   , Cirolanides texensis mexicensis Botosaneanu and Iliffe 2002   .

Remarks. Bowman (1964) provided a diagnosis of the genus Cirolanides   . That diagnosis is in need of revision which will require additional morphologic and molecular examination of putative C. texensis   populations.