Onthophagus (Onthophagus) ophion Erichson, 1847

Chamorro, William, Marin-Armijos, Diego, senjo, Angelico & Vaz-De-Mello, Fernando Z., 2019, Scarabaeinae dung beetles from Ecuador: a catalog, nomenclatural acts, and distribution records, ZooKeys 826, pp. 1-343: 256

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Onthophagus (Onthophagus) ophion Erichson, 1847


Onthophagus (Onthophagus) ophion Erichson, 1847  

Onthophagus ophion   Erichson, 1847: 105 (original description. Type locality: Peru).


This species was recorded for Ecuador by the following authors: Boucomont (1932: 328), no locality; Pulido-Herrera and Zunino (2007: 111), catalog of species; Carvajal et al. (2011: 322-323) provides list of species. According to our data, there are no other records of this species in the collections listed.