Ludwigia linearis Walter,

Thornhill, Robert, Krings, Alexander, Lindbo, David & Stucky, Jon, 2014, Guide to the Vascular Flora of the Savannas and Flatwoods of Shaken Creek Preserve and Vicinity (Pender & Onslow Counties, North Carolina, U. S. A.), Biodiversity Data Journal 2, pp. 1099-1099: 1099

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Ludwigia linearis Walter


Ludwigia linearis Walter 


Wet pine savannas (SPS-T, SPS-RF), borrow pits.


Infrequent. Jun–Sep. Two varieties are recognized by Weakley (2012): var. Ludwigia linearis linearis  , with the cells of the seed surface oriented parallel to the long axis of the seed, and var. Ludwigia linearis puberula  Engelm. & A. Gray, with the cells of the seed surface oriented irregularly or elongated perpendicularly to the long axis of the seed. This character, best seen at ≥ 20 × magnification, is the only non-overlapping morphological character that distinguishes the two varieties. If varieties are recognized, the specimens collected by the senior author would be referable to var. Ludwigia linearis linearis  . A specimen collected from Sandy Run [Hancock] (Taggart SARU 379, WNC) has been reported as var. Ludwigia linearis puberula  ( Taggart 2010). Thornhill 30, 941, 1117, 1203 (NCSC). [= RAB; > Ludwigia linearis Walter var. linearis  , Ludwigia linearis Walter var. puberula  Engelm. & A. Gray sensu Weakley]