Wormaldia sp.

Bemmoussat-Dekkak, Soumya, Abdellaoui-Hassaine, Karima, Sartori, Michel & Zamora-Muñoz, Carmen, 2021, Contribution to knowledge of the Trichoptera of northwestern Algeria: New species records for the Algerian fauna and taxonomic remarks for the Maghreb fauna, Zootaxa 5068 (2), pp. 186-210: 193

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Wormaldia sp.


Wormaldia sp.  

Material examined. Safsaf wadi El Ourit (SK1): 7 L, 16.i.2015; 5 L, 19.v.2015; 12 L, 2.ii.2019. Chouly wadi Beni Ghazli ( CH 0): 19 L   , 04.i.2015; 33 L, 19.v.2015; 35 L, 04.i.2016, 14 L, 14.iii.2016, 9 L, 5.ii.2018. Chouly Yebder ( CH 1): 15 L   , 04.i.2015; 33 L, 04.i.2016. Khemis wadi (KH1): 33 L   , 17.iii.2015; 10 L, 14.i.2019.

Distribution. This genus has been recorded in the Great Kabylia ( Algeria) by Sekhi et al. (2016) and in the Aures region by Dambri et al. (2020). In this research, we collected larvae in only four sites located at altitudes of 723−1065 m a.s.l