Kaliella micula (Mousson, 1857)

Marzuki, Mohammad Effendi bin, Liew, Thor-Seng & Mohd-Azlan, Jayasilan, 2021, Land snails and slugs of Bau limestone hills, Sarawak (Malaysia, Borneo), with the descriptions of 13 new species, ZooKeys 1035, pp. 1-113: 1

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Kaliella micula (Mousson, 1857)


Kaliella micula (Mousson, 1857)   Figure 33B View Figure 33

Zonites micula   Mousson, 1857: 158.

Type locality.

"Insula Balie" [= Bali Island, Indonesia].

Material examined.

Gunung Kapor: ME 9650.

Distribution in Borneo.

Sarawak: Kuching Division. Distribution elsewhere. Peninsular Malaysia to Lesser Sunda, Indonesia ( Vermeulen and Whitten 1998).


Only dry shells were found during the surveys. It differs from K. scandens   by having a larger shell with wider whorls that rapidly increase in size. For further details on the differences between this species and K. dendrobates   (Tillier & Bouchet, 1989), see Vermeulen et al. (2015: 105).