Epipactis leptochila

D. M. Moore (ed.), 1980, CCIII Orchidaceae, Flora Europaea, Vol 5: Alismataceae to Orchidaceae, Camebridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 325-350: 327

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.215522

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Epipactis leptochila


(3-5). E. leptochila   group.

Rhizome short, vertical or oblique. Stem 20-70 cm, pubescent, especially above, usually purplish below, with sheathing scales. Leaves distichous, 4-10, ovate to lanceolate, acute, with more or less undulate margin. Bracts linear-lanceolate, the lower exceeding the flowers. Hypochile cupuliform, pale greenish, reddish-mottled inside.

A group of largely autogamous taxa which are probably derived from the allogamous facies of 3 and which are possibly con- specific. The distributions are not well-known and dubious records have been omitted below.

1 Epichile acuminate, with flat apex; outer perianth-segments acuminate 3. leptochila  

1 Epichile subobtuse, with recurved apex; outer perianth- segments obtuse

2 Epichile as long as wide; anther stipitate 5. dunensis  

2 Epichile wider than long; anther sessile 4. muelleri