Austrolebias adloffi,

Wilson J. E. M. Costa, 2006, The South American annual killifish genus Austrolebias (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae): phylogenetic relationships, descriptive morphology and taxonomic revision., Zootaxa 1213, pp. 1-162: 120

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Austrolebias adloffi


Clade A5: Austrolebias adloffi  species group


Distinguished from remaining taxa in genus in having a unique color pattern on posterior portion of caudal peduncle in juveniles and adult females, sometimes in adult males, consisting of a pair of black spots arranged vertically in close proximity, sometimes coalesced to form an 8-shaped blotch.

Included species

Austrolebias charrua  ZBK  Costa & Cheffe; A. minuano  ZBK  Costa & Cheffe; A. adloffi  (Ahl); A. nigrofasciatus  ZBK  Costa & Cheffe; A. nachtigalli  Costa & Cheffe, new species; and A. salviai  Costa, Litz & Laurino, new species.