Tydeus goetzi Schruft, 1972

Andre, H. M., 2011, DUG ¨ S’ CAUDATUS IS A TENUIPALPIDAE AND NOT A TYDEIDAE (ACARI) Henri M. A, Acarologia 51 (1), pp. 69-85: 77

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http://doi.org/ 10.1051/acarologia/20111990

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Tydeus goetzi Schruft, 1972


Redescription of Tydeus goetzi Schruft, 1972  

The most frequent tydeid found in trichomes of laurustinus from Montpellier was T. goetzi   . The original description did not give information on striae and is completed here. Figure 6A View FIGURE gives a whole view with the three distinct clavate setae at the tip of the opisthoma, the "spätelformig" setae of Schruft (1972). Serrate setae with a radial symmetry are clearly distinct from clavate setae, characterized by a radial symmetry at the base and a bilateral symmetry in the distal part ( Fig. 6B View FIGURE ).

Striae density measured through NS(vi)=29 and NS(ep)=30 ( Fig. 6C, D View FIGURE ).

Striae form circular patterns at the base of clavate setae and delineate two distinct angles at the tip of anal lips ( Fig. 6B View FIGURE ).

Compact striation pattern on genital lips. Dorsal setae on genu III and tibiae III and IV are blunt distally.