Blackburneusargentinensis (Schmidt, 1909)

Dellacasa, Marco, Dellacasa, Giovanni & Gordon, Robert D., 2011, Systematic revision of the American taxa belonging to the genera Alloblackburneus Bordat, 2009, and Blackburneus Schmidt, 1913, with description of seven new species (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae), Insecta Mundi 2011 (204), pp. 1-52: 18-19

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Blackburneusargentinensis (Schmidt, 1909)


Blackburneusargentinensis (Schmidt, 1909)  

( Fig. 66-70)

Aphodius argentinensis Schmidt, 1909a: 101   ; Blackwelder 1944: 212.

Aphodius (Blackburneus) argentinensis   ; Schmidt 1913: 138; Schmidt 1922: 148; Dellacasa 1988: 90. Blackburneus argentinensis   ; Skelley etal. 2007: 2.

Typelocality. Prov. Santa Fé, Argentina.

Type repository. Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, Stockholm (type examined).

Redescription. Length 4.0- 4.5 mm; elongate, convex, shiny, glabrous. Pale reddish-brown; juxtasutural interstria of elytra and legs somewhat darker; antennal club testaceous. Head with epistome distinctly gibbous on disc, sparsely and rather irregularly punctured; clypeus feebly sinuate at middle, round at sides, very thinly bordered, edge slightly upturned, laterally with extremely short sparse bristles; genae round, almost imperceptibly ciliate, feebly protruding from the eyes; frontal suture distinctly impressed, raised at each side; front coarsely, densely irregularly punctured mainly on sides. Pronotum moderately transverse, strongly convex, dually punctured; large punctures, six to seven times larger than small ones, irregularly scattered, rather widely lacking on disc; small extremely fine punctures subregularly sparse throughout, somewhat more superficial on disc; lateral margins feebly arcuate, very thinly bordered, edge glabrous; hind angles obtusely round; base slightly bisinuate. Scutellum elongate, somewhat narrowed toward base, with few fine punctureson basal half. Elytra faintly widened, rather finely striate; striae subcrenulate; eighth and ninth striae shortened toward shoulder; interstriae flat or almost flat, nearly imperceptiblysparsely punctured; second interstria wider than first and third ones; fifth interstria broadened at base, therein twice as wide as the sixth. Hind tibiae superior apical spur shorter than first tarsal segment; latter shorter than following three segments combined. Male: frontal suture strongly raised on each side; pronotum somewhat more convex, not narrowed frontward, less densely punctured; foretibiae apicalspur subcylindrical, apically rounded; metasternal platesomewhatmore strongly incavate; aedeagus Fig. 69-70. Female: frontal suture not or feebly raised on each side; pronotum somewhat less convex, somewhat narrowed frontwardly and more densely punctured; fore tibiae apical spur slender and acuminate; metasternal plate almost flat.

Type material. 1 female (lectotype, herein designated, NHRS) bearing the following labels: 1) white: Rep. Argentina [printed] / prov. [printed] / Sta. Fé [handwritten] / R. Richter [printed]   ; 2) white (handwritten): argenti- / nensis / m.; 3) red (printed): Typus; 4) white (printed): 125; 5) red (printed): Aphodius argentinensis   / Schmidt A., 1909 / Lectotypus / Dellacasa M. & G. des., 2002. Other 4 females (paralectotypes, NHRS) with the same collecting data as lectotype   .

Material examined. ARGENTINA: Prov. Buenos Aires, 12 Km E 9 de Julio , 30.XII.1979, leg. R. E. Woodruff & V. Duthie, cow dung (1 ex., ISEA)   ; Cordoba, Alta Gracia , 10.IV.1967, leg. L. E. Peña (3 exx., DCGI)   ; Prov. Cordoba, Anizacate , 9.IV.1967, leg. L. E. Peña & G. Barria (1 ex., CNCI)   ; Prov. Cordoba, Ao. Tegua, 5-9.IV.1967, leg. L. E. Peña & G. Barria (2 exx., CNCI)   ; Prov. Salta, El Rey Nat. Park, m 1000, Pozo Verde Trail Km 7, 5-15.XII.1987, leg. S. & J. Peck (malaise-FIT, Yungas forest ) (1 ex., DCGI)   ; Prov. San Luis, 18 Km S Arizona, m 250, 18-23.I.1982, leg. H. & A. Howden (2 exx., CNCI)   ; BRAZIL: Distrito Federal, Brasilia , m 1100, XII.1998, leg. N. Dégallier (piège lumineaux) (3exx., DCGI)   ; Goiás, San Antonio de Descobierto , 20.XII.1998, leg. N. Dégallier (piège lumineaux) (1 ex., DCGI)   ; FRENCH GUIANA: Roura (8 Km SSE), 04 o 40’41”N- 52 o 13’25”W, m 200, 10.VI.1997, leg. J. Ashe & R. Brooks (flight int. trap) (1 ex., CNCI) GoogleMaps   ; PARAGUAY: Dpt. Guaira, Calle Florida , VIII.1993 (4 exx., DCGI)   ; idem, Melgarejo , X.1994 (2 exx., DCGI)   ; URUGUAY: 90 Km SW of Artigas, Pampa de Lavalleja, 27-30.IX.2001, leg. Z. Linek (2 exx., DCGI)   .


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Blackburneusargentinensis (Schmidt, 1909)

Dellacasa, Marco, Dellacasa, Giovanni & Gordon, Robert D. 2011

Aphodius argentinensis

Schmidt 1909: 101

Aphodius (Blackburneus) argentinensis

Schmidt 1909