Peplomyza litura (Meigen 1826)

Semelbauer, Marek & Kozánek, Milan, 2014, The immatures of lauxaniid flies (Diptera: Lauxaniidae) and their taxonomical implications, Zootaxa 3780 (3), pp. 401-454 : 421

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Peplomyza litura (Meigen 1826)


Peplomyza litura (Meigen 1826)

Living larvae cylindrical, glassy shining; with thin distal parts of the Malpighian tubules.

Egg. Length 0.64–0.72 mm. Apical pole attenuated, posterior pole with small tubercle with few perforations. Egg covered by distinct ridges and transversal septa. Cell delimited by ridges and septa with small central pit.

First instar. Length 1.12–1.59 mm. The ventral organ as flattened lobe with two digitiform projections.

Cephaloskeleton. Length 0.25–0.26 mm. Mouth hooks with 5 apical teeth, basal part hyaline. Labrum rounded.

Second instar ( Figs 87, 88 View FIGURES 87 – 92 ). Length 1.25–3.78 mm. 18 scraping cirri in the first row, internal surface of labial lobe with strong hairs. Integument smooth except of the creeping welts.

Cephaloskeleton ( Fig. 184 View FIGURES 183 – 188 ). Length 0.42–0.45 mm. Mouth hooks converging, ending in three teeth. Ventral bridge arched in ventral view. The epistomal sclerite slightly shorter than broad. Subhypostomal sclerites slightly converging. Ventral cornua hyaline in posterior third, except of dorsal margin. Cibarium slightly pigmented.

Third instar ( Figs 89–92 View FIGURES 87 – 92 ). Length 3.68–5.18 mm. 17 scraping cirri in the third row. Body integument smooth except of the creeping welts. Anterior spiracles fan-shaped with 8 papillae.

Cephaloskeleton ( Fig. 199 View FIGURES 198 – 203 ). Length 0.62–0.64 mm. Mouth hooks slightly converging. The ventral bridge slightly arched in ventral view. Epistomal sclerite shorter than broad, posterior hyaline plate rectangular with sclerotised posterior margin and corners. Subhypostomal sclerites slightly converging, as well as ligulate sclerites. Dorsal bridge semilunar, longer than wide. Posterior third of ventral cornua hyaline, with sclerotised and concave dorsal margin. Cibarium slightly pigmented.