Minettia fasciata (Fallén 1820), Fallen, 1820

Semelbauer, Marek & Kozánek, Milan, 2014, The immatures of lauxaniid flies (Diptera: Lauxaniidae) and their taxonomical implications, Zootaxa 3780 (3), pp. 401-454 : 416

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.3780.3.1

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Minettia fasciata (Fallén 1820)


Minettia fasciata (Fallén 1820) View in CoL

Living larvae moderately dorsoventrally flattened, with marked belts and crevices, the distal parts of Malpighian tubules expanded.

Egg. Preparation for SEM was not successful.

First instar ( Figs 65, 66 View FIGURES 65 – 70 ). Length 1.38–1.76 mm. Facial mask broad, the peristomal cirri thin and numerous. The ventral organ with two slender digitiform projections. The perstigmatic tufts of posterior spiracles long.

Cephaloskeleton ( Fig. 166 View FIGURES 162 – 167 ). Length 0.298 (n=1). Mouth hooks with 5 teeth, basal part hyaline. Epistomal sclerite longer than broad; labrum with two lateral and one apical corner. Ventral bridge arched from ventral view, with rounded cut-out on posterior margin.

Second instar ( Figs 67–70 View FIGURES 65 – 70 ). Length 2.20–3.51 mm. Facial mask moderately broad (13–23 scraping cirri per row). The posterior row of peristomal cirri dense, shape variable (from filiform to robust). The anterior spiracle rounded. The first and second thoracic segments smooth except of comb spines; the rest body segments covered by stout spine-like hairs laterally, the posterior-most segments even dorsally.

Cephaloskeleton ( Fig. 181 View FIGURES 177 – 182 ). Length 0.58–0.61 mm. Essentially the same as in M. austriaca , subhypostomal sclerites parallel.

Third instar ( Figs 71–76 View FIGURES 71 – 76 ). Length 2.82–6.30 mm. Internal side of labial lobe naked. The first thoracic segment smooth. Remaining body segments heavily spinous from dorsal and lateral sides; ventral side with smooth areas. Anterior spiracles fan-shaped, 11 papillae.

Cephaloskeleton ( Fig. 196 View FIGURES 192 – 197 ). Length 0.83–0.97 mm. Mouth hooks subparallel. Intermediate sclerite strong, ventral bridge simple and descending posteriad. Epistomal sclerite semilunar with extensive posterior hyaline plate. Subhypostomal sclerite stalked, converging; ligulate sclerites as concave converging plates. Dorsal bridge trapezoid. Dorsal cornua slender; ventral cornua broad from lateral view, medial part of ventral cornua and basal part of vertical plates finely striolated, posterior margin convex and sclerotised. Cibarium slightly pigmented.













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