Catascopus s. str.,

Hunting, Wesley & Yang, Man-Miao, 2019, A taxonomic review of the pericaline ground-beetles in Taiwan, with descriptions of new species (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini), ZooKeys 816, pp. 1-164: 33

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Catascopus s. str.


Subgenus Catascopus s. str. 

Catascopus  Kirby, 1825: 94-97; Schmidt-Göbel 1846: 80; Lacordaire 1854: 145; Chaudoir 1861: 116; Saunders 1863: 455; Bates 1883: 280; 1892: 409; Dupuis 1914: 418; Csiki 1932: 1362; Andrewes 1937: 185; Jedlička 1963: 379; Habu 1967: 77; Straneo 1994: 141; Baehr 1997: 227; 2012: 25; Shpeley and Ball 2000: 112; Lorenz 2005: 454.

Type species.

Catascopus hardwickii  Kirby, 1825 (monotypic).

Type locality.


Recognition of Taiwanese species of Catascopus  s. str.

Color. Various.

Fixed setae. Two pairs of supraorbital setae; clypeus with two lateral setae; labrum with six setae along apical margin; one pair of suborbital setae. ; 16-17 lateral (umbilical) setae in interval 9; two setae on each of abdominal sterna III to VI, two setae along apical margin of sternum VII in males, four setae along apical margin of sternum VII in females.

Head. Mandibles curved, left mandible slightly more curved and pointed at apex then right mandible, right mandible with additional, small tooth on inside cutting surface near mid-length of mandible; labrum bilobed; mentum with single broad tooth; eyes convex; palpi cylindrical, elongate.

Elytra. Humeri broadly rounded; elytral margin shallowly impressed in basal 1/3.

Hind Wings. Macropterus.

Legs. Tarsal claws smooth. Males with adhesive vestiture ventrally, two rows of squamo-setae on tarsomeres 1-3 of fore-leg.

Male genitalia. Ostium left pleuropic. Phallus cylindrical.

Female genitalia. Gonocoxite 2 (gc2) wide at base, narrowing sharply toward apex, moderately curved. Sensory furrow, furrow pegs and associated nematiform setae not observed.