Meiothrips, Priesner, 1929

Eow, L. X., Mound, L. A. & Ng, Y. F., 2011, Genera of Spore-Feeding Thysanoptera from Southeast Asia (Phlaeothripidae, Idolothripinae), with a species checklist from Peninsular Malaysia, Zootaxa 2928 (1), pp. 1-19 : 16

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.2928.1.1

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The five species placed in this genus are all from the Oriental region, and have long and slender bodies with elongate antennae and tube. These species are usually found on dead branches with dry leaves, and there is a curious diversity in some character states within the genus. M. annulipes Bagnall is known from Borneo and Sumatra, and has been taken commonly in Peninsular Malaysia. This species differs from the others in having no duplicated cilia on the fore wings. M. menoni Ananthakrishnan is widespread from India to Thailand, and is also recorded from Peninsular Malaysia. However, M. baishanzuensis Duan & Li from southern China is possibly the same species as M. nepalensis Kudo & Ananthakrishnan from Nepal and Thailand. M. kurosawai Okajima from Sabah is known from a single female that differs from the other four species in having the head prolonged in front of the eyes, and the eyes prolonged ventrally; in these characters this species resembles the members of the genus Holurothrips .

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