Platnickia bergi (Simon)

Grismado, Cristian J. & Platnick, Norman I., 2008, Review of the Southern South American Spider Genus Platnickia (Araneae, Zodariidae), American Museum Novitates 3625 (1), pp. 1-20 : 16-18

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Platnickia bergi (Simon)


Platnickia bergi (Simon)

Figures 30, 31, 44–47, 65–69

Storena bergi Simon, 1895: 169 (male and female syntypes from ‘‘Terre-de-Feu’’ in MNHN, not examined); Schiapelli and Gerschman de Pikelin, 1974: 85, figs. 13a, 14 (female only).

Platnickia bergi : Jocque´, 1991: 75.

DIAGNOSIS: Males resemble those of P. wedalen in having a membranous tegular apophysis, but in this species the apophysis

Map 2. Southern South America, showing records of Platnickia wedalen (circles) and P. bergi (triangles).

is slightly shorter and ventrally directed, separated from the ventral surface of the tegular extension (figs. 65–67); the retrolateral tibial apophysis also has a less acute tip. Females also resemble those of P. wedalen but have straight, more parallel margins on the epigynal median field and more rounded spermathecae (figs. 68, 69). This is also the largest species in the genus.

MALE ( Magallanes , Isla Riesco, figs. 30, 44, 45): Total length 4.78. Carapace 2.92 long, 1.72 wide. Femur II 1.36 long. Eye sizes and interdistances: AME 0.04, ALE 0.07, PME 0.08, PLE 0.10; AME-AME 0.03, AME-ALE 0.07, PME-PME 0.12, PME-PLE 0.22, ALE- PLE 0.12. Carapace reddish brown, slightly lighter in front of fovea; legs, sternum uniformly reddish brown, chelicerae, endites darker; abdominal dorsum similar to that of P. elegans but with transverse bands wider, all touching cardiac stripe. Leg spination: femora: I d1-1-1, p1 (subap); II d1-1-1, p1(subap); III d0-1-1, dp0- 1-1, dr0-0-1; IV d1-1-0-1-0-1, dr1(ap), dp1(ap); tibiae: I vp0-1-1(ap), vr1-1-1(ap), p1-1; II vp0-1- 1(ap), vr1-1/0-1-1(ap), p1-1; III dp1(subap), d1- 1-0, dr1-1; IV d1-1-0, p1-0, r1-1, vp1-1-1-0-0- 1(ap), vr1-1-0-1(ap); metatarsi: I v0-2-2(ap), p1(ap); II v2-2-0-2-2(ap), p1(ap), r0-1/0-1(ap); III v2-2-0-2(ap) p1-1-1(ap), dp1(ap), dr0-1- 1(ap); IV r1-1(ap), dr1-0-1(ap), p1-1(ap), v2-2- 2(ap), dp1-0-1(ap); tarsi: III vr0-0-1, vp0-0-1-1; IV vp0-0-0-0-1-1, vr0-0-1-1-1. Palp as in figs. 65–67.

FEMALE ( Magallanes, Gallegos Chico , figs. 31, 46, 47): Total length 6.70. Carapace 3.20 long, 2.04 wide. Femur II 1.76 long. Eye sizes and interdistances: AME 0.08, ALE 0.10, PME 0.11, PLE 0.14; AME-AME 0.03, AME- ALE 0.06, PME-PME 0.08, PME-PLE 0.22, ALE-PLE 0.06. Coloration largely as in male, but slightly darker, abdominal dorsum with marbled rather than white background. Leg spination: femora: I d1-1-1(last one very thin), p1(subap); II d1-1-0/1 (last one very thin), p1(subap); III d1(subap); IV d1-0-1; tibiae: I vr1-1-1(ap), vp1(ap), p1(subap); III dp1-0-0, dr1-1-0, p1-1, r1-1, vp1-1-1(ap), vr0-1-1(ap); IV p1-1, r1-1, vp1-1/0-1(ap), vr1(ap); metatarsi: I vp1(ap), vr0-1/0-1(ap); II vr1-1-0-1(ap), vp0-1-1(ap); III dr0-1-1(ap), dp1(ap), r1(ap), p0-1-1(ap), v2-2-2(ap); IV d0-1-1(ap), dr0-0- 1(ap), dr0-1-1(ap), r1(ap), vr1-1-1(ap), vr0-1- 1(ap); tarsi: III vp0-0-1, 0-0-1-1; IV vr0-0-1-1, vp0-0-0-1-1. Spermathecae each with two receptacles, arranged longitudinally rather than transversely (figs. 68, 69).

VARIATION: The extent of the white pigment cover on the abdominal dorsum varies among specimens.

MATERIAL EXAMINED: CHILE: Región de Magallanes (XII): Magallanes: Estancia Gazy Harbour, Feb. 10, 1990 ( T. Cekalovic, AMNH), 13; Estancia Virgen de Lourdes, Sector Dinamarmero , Feb. 6, 1990 (S. Cekalovic, AMNH), 1♀; Gallegos Chico , Feb. 8, 1990 ( T. Cekalovic , AMNH), 2♀, Feb. 10, 1990 (S. Cekalovic, AMNH), 1♀; Posomby , Isla Riesco , Jan. 31, 1976 ( T. Cekalovic , AMNH), 13; 27 km N Punta Arenas, Nov. 27, 1966, Nothofagus forest, elev. 30 m (E. Schlinger, M. Irwin, CAS), 1♀ . ARGENTINA: Tierra del Fuego: Sección Despedida , Apr. 1967 (E. Massoia, MACN), 2♀ . FALKLAND ISLANDS: East Falkland: ‘‘ Fitz Roy Stanley’ ’, Feb. 1971 (M. Rumboll, MACN 6669 View Materials ), 1♀ (not 3) .

DISTRIBUTION: Known only from the far southern tip of South America, in Chile ( Magallanes ), Argentina (Tierra del Fuego), and the Falkland Islands (where the species is apparently sympatric with P. wedalen , map 2).


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Platnickia bergi (Simon)

Grismado, Cristian J. & Platnick, Norman I. 2008

Storena bergi

Schiapelli, R. D. & B. S. Gerschman de Pikelin 1974: 85
Simon, E. 1895: 169