Dissochaetus ovalis, Jeannel, 1936: 65,

Peck, Stewart B., Gnaspini, Pedro & Newton, Alfred F., 2020, Updated catalog and generic keys of the Leiodidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) of the Neotropical region (“ Latin America ”: Mexico, the West Indies, and Central and South America), Zootaxa 4741 (1), pp. 1-114: 44

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Dissochaetus ovalis


A. ovalis Jeannel, 1936: 65  ;

Gnaspini, 1996: 539 (type seen); Gnaspini & Peck, 2001: 429 (assignment to group ascutellaris); Salgado, 2010c: 215 (assignment to group peruviensis); Gnaspini & Peck, 2019: 10, 13 (holotype seen [Note: Genital segment missing]; assignment back to group; and tentatively to subgroup).

Holotype male [a single specimen in original description, assumed as holotype] in MNHN (as Pic collection in original description).

Type locality: “ Venezuela ”.

Distribution: Venezuela: known only from “type locality”.

Note: Szymczakowski (1975: 14), when discussing identity of A. brunnea Jeannel [1936]  and describing and assigning subspecies to that species, commented that it is probable that A. ovalis  would also be synonym of A. brunnea  ; and he proposed to use the latter as the valid name [but the former has page precedence] if this synonymy is proved right. This has never been used in the literature, and deserves further investigation—see also note about subspecies under A. brunnea  . Gnaspini & Peck (2019: 14) considered both as valid species, and did not propose a revalidation because they understood that Szymczakowski´s statement is not a valid taxonomic act, a position followed here.


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