Riopa D. A. Reid,

Miettinen, Otto, Spirin, Viacheslav, Vlasak, Josef, Rivoire, Bernard, Stenroos, Soili & Hibbett, David S., 2016, Polypores and genus concepts in Phanerochaetaceae (Polyporales, Basidiomycota), MycoKeys 17, pp. 1-46: 21

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Riopa D. A. Reid


Riopa D. A. Reid 

Riopa  Revue Mycol., Paris 33: 244 (1969).

Type species.

Riopa davidii  D. A. Reid (= Riopa metamorphosa  (Fuckel) Miettinen & Spirin).


White, resupinate polypores with shallow pores, 2-5 per mm. Hyphal structure monomitic, clamps absent. Hyphae thin- to slightly thick-walled, similar throughout the basidiocarp, hyphae not swollen, wider (3-5 µm in diameter) in subiculum, a bit narrower in trama (2.8-3.5 µm). Hymenial branching corymb-like. Thin-walled, poorly differentiated hymenial cystidia and conidia in one species. Spores curved cylindrical, sausage-like, thin-walled, mid-sized (4.5 –6.5×2– 3 µm).


Reid (1969) described Riopa  as a monotypic genus with Riopa davidii  D. A. Reid from Corsica as the sole species. Ryvarden (1991) considered Riopa davidii  as a synonym of Ceriporia camaresiana  (Bourdot & Galzin) Bondartsev & Singer, in effect making Riopa  a synonym of Ceriporia  . Pieri and Rivoire (1997) regarded Riopa davidii  and Ceriporia camaresiana  as separate species, and made the combination Ceriporia davidii  . Their concept of the species was mixed, as can be seen already from the spore variation they report. Their specimens from mainland France did seem to represent a species of Ceriporia  separate from Ceriporia camaresiana  , and consequently Ceriporia davidii  was adopted by Bernicchia (2005) and Ryvarden and Melo (2014).

We studied the type of Riopa davidii  , and it turned out to be a more recent synonym for Ceriporia metamorphosa  (Fuckel) Ryvarden & Gilb. After studying the French material of Ceriporia davidii  collected by B. Rivoire, we could also conclude that Ceriporia davidii  sensu Pieri and Rivoire (1997) needs to be described with a new name ( Ceriporia pierii  ). Ceriporia pierii  and also Ceriporia camaresiana  belong to the Ceriporia  clade and are only distantly related to Riopa  (Figure 2).