Patella aphanes Robson, 1986

Muratov, Igor V. & Heyns-Veale, Elodie, 2020, Primary types in the collection of molluscs in the KwaZulu-Natal Museum: Patellogastropoda and Lepetellida, African Invertebrates 61 (2), pp. 49-81 : 49

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Patella aphanes Robson, 1986


Patella aphanes Robson, 1986

aphanes Robson, 1986: 306, figs 1-3 (holotype), figs 4-11 (paratypes) [ Patella , Hibberdene, Natal South Coast (G. Robson, 15 October 1985): 22.1 ×17.4× 9.7 mm].

Material examined.

Holotype. South Africa • KwaZulu-Natal, Hibberdene; 15 Oct. 1985; G. Robson leg.; on Perna perna , LST rocks; T3285; NMSA-MOL 0D2155 (soft parts in ethanol); Fig. 1 View Figure 1 (21.8 ×17.3× 8.6 mm).

Paratypes. South Africa • KwaZulu-Natal, Cape Vidal; 16 Nov. 1971; R. Kilburn leg.; T3324; NMSA-MOL 009440.

South Africa • KwaZulu-Natal, Mapelane; Nov. 1983; R. Kilburn leg.; T3325; NMSA-MOL 0B6945.

South Africa • KwaZulu-Natal, Chaka’s Rock, intertidal zone, 24 Feb. 1985; D. Herbert leg.; on Perna perna ; T3296; NMSA-MOL 0D0489.

South Africa • 2; KwaZulu-Natal, Reunion Rocks, intertidal zone; 7 Feb. 1985; R. Kilburn, D. Herbert, R. Fregona leg.; T3322; NMSA-MOL 0D0361.

South Africa • 7 of 8; same data as holotype, figured (figs 4-11) in the original description; T3295; NMSA-MOL 0D2156.

South Africa • 40 in ethanol; same data as holotype (mussel-dwelling); T3327; NMSA-MOL 0S2157.

South Africa • 10 in ethanol; same data as holotype ( Lithophyllum coated rocks); T3328; NMSA-MOL 0D2158.

South Africa • 2 of 3; KwaZulu-Natal, Port Edward; Jul. 1977; Marais leg.; T3286; NMSA-MOL 0A6281.

South Africa • 14 of 18 in ethanol, one without soft parts; KwaZulu-Natal, Port Edward; 27-28 Aug. 1977; Marais leg.; on Perna ; T4328; NMSA-MOL 0D2170.

South Africa • Eastern Cape, Lwandile/Mdumbi; Jul. 1981; R. Kilburn, R. Fregona leg.; T3326; NMSA-MOL 0C0148.

South Africa • 5; Eastern Cape, Coffee Bay; Y. McLellan leg.; ex Albany Mus. 1980; T3321; NMSA-MOL 0B6182.

South Africa • 4; Eastern Cape, Mkambati area, Mgwetyane R. mouth; R. Kilburn leg.; Aug. 1983; T3320; NMSA-MOL 0C5767.

South Africa • 3; Eastern Cape, Dwesa; May 1984; R. Kilburn leg.; Beach drift; T3323; NMSA-MOL 0C5909.

Current status.

Scutellastra aphanes (Robson, 1986); Nakano and Ozawa (2007).


There are 18 paratypes in ethanol mentioned in the original description under A6281/T3286. However, this number refers to 3 paratypes (T3286/ NMSA-MOL 0A6281), one of which was donated to Drivas (12 Oct. 1988), which are shells without soft parts, not in ethanol. There are 14 specimens in ethanol with the catalogue number NMSA-MOL 0D2170. Since these are the only other specimens of S. aphanes in ethanol, which in addition match the locality and collector as in the original description, they are assumed to be paratypes and were given new type number T4328 in preparation of this manuscript. There are another two shells in NMSA-MOL 0D489 paratype lot that were not chosen as paratypes. Prefix “C” was omitted in the original description for C5909. Figured paratypes were given wrong number (D2157/T3327 instead of D2156/T3295) in the original description ( Robson 1986: figs 4-11). One (of originally eight paratypes: T3295/ NMSA-MOL 0D2156) was sent in 1990 to Zoological Museum of Moscow University.














Patella aphanes Robson, 1986

Muratov, Igor V. & Heyns-Veale, Elodie 2020


Robson 1986