Rhampsinitus sp.

Schönhofer, Axel L., 2008, On harvestmen from the Soutpansberg, South Africa, with description of a new species of Monomontia (Arachnida: Opiliones), African Invertebrates 49 (2), pp. 109-109 : 125

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https://doi.org/ 10.5733/afin.049.0206

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Rhampsinitus sp.


Rhampsinitus sp.

Description: Chelicerae smooth and of normal size; palps variously coloured; apophysis on inner side of patella densely covered by hairs and by some large rounded spines hardly visible within the hairs, femur and tibia strongly covered with hairs distally; dorsal coloration with an indistinct saddle and an inconspicuous median band; ocularium white in the upper part with three long white spines on each side.

Comments: This specimen is not related to R. transvaalicus and they differ ecologically and morphologically. P. Schwendinger placed it close to R. ingae Kauri, 1961 . Distinct spines on the ocularium and a prominent apophysis on the inner side on patella of the palp are more similar to R. maculatus Kauri, 1961 , but the specimen differs in dorsal coloration and in spination of the ocularium. This might be a new species, but requires additional adult males to be identified.

Material: SOUTH AFRICA: Limpopo: 1 juv. Mount Lajuma , grassland, alt. 1600–1740 m, 5.iv.2001, P. Schwendinger det. 2001, near R. ingae (MHNG) .

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