Nephrolepis exaltata,

Hovenkamp PH & Miyamoto F, 2005, A conspectus of the native and naturalized species of Nephrolepis (Nephrolepidaceae) in the world, Blumea 50, pp. 279-322: 314

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Nephrolepis exaltata


Nephrolepis exaltata 

Most of the Nephrolepis  cultivars currently in cultivation derive from Nephrolepis  cv. ʻbostoniensisʼ, which is conventionally associated with N. exaltata  ( Benedict, 1916a). An overview of the most frequently cultivated forms is given by Hoshizaki & Moran (2001).

Morton (1958) suggested that ʻbostoniensisʼ was possibly a hybrid with N. exaltata  as one parent. Its constant sterility, morphological instability and vegetative vigour indicate a hybrid origin, but there is no reason to assume that N. exaltata  is involved as parent, when we consider that N. x hippocrepicis  , which originated well outside the distribution area of N. exaltata  , exactly mimics the morphology of N. exaltata  , and another such hybrid may equally well have given rise to ʻbostoniensisʼ.