Matamoros, Wilfredo A., Schaefer, Jacob F. & Kreiser, Brian R., 2009, Annotated checklist of the freshwater fishes of continental and insular Honduras, Zootaxa 2307, pp. 1-38 : 16

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Syngnathidae . Peripheral.

Microphis brachyurus lineatus (Kaup, 1856) . Opossum pipefish, pez pipa culebra. Native.

Departments: Atlántida and Cortés. Drainages: Atlantic slope: Chamelecón, Leán, Cangrejal and Lislis.

Remarks: The following vouchers represent the first report of M. brachiurus lineatus in Honduras: Chamelecón River drainage - USM 31922 View Materials from Chivana River, USM 31902 View Materials from the Tulián River; Leán River drainage - USM 31804 View Materials and USM 31843 View Materials from Lancentilla River; Cangrejal River drainage - USM 31685 View Materials from the Cangrejal River, USM 31751 View Materials , and USM 31764 View Materials from Salado River; Lislis River drainage - USM 31465 View Materials , USM 31723 View Materials , USM 31734 View Materials from the Papaloteca River, and USM 34042 View Materials from the Mármol River west of the city of Trujillo.

Pseudophallus mindii (Meek & Hildebrand, 1923) . Freshwater pipefish, pez pipa de agua dulce. Native. Department: Atlántida. Drainages: Atlantic slope: Leán and Lislis.

Remarks: Voucher USM 31806 View Materials collected in Lancetilla River represents the first report of P. mindii in Honduras. P. mindii has also been collected in the Papaloteca River east of La Ceiba (C. Small, pers. comm.).

Pseudophallus starksii ( Jordan & Culver, 1895). Yellowbelly pipefish, pez pipa de río. Native. Department: Valle. Drainage: Pacific slope: Nacaome.

Syngnathus pelagicus Linnaeus, 1758 . Sargassum pipefish, pez pipa oceánico. Native. Department: Gracias a Dios. Drainage: Atlantic slope: Patuca.

Remarks: Voucher FMNH 84369 collected in Brus Laguna represents the first report of S. pelagicus in Honduras.

Syngnathus scovelli (Evermann & Kendall, 1896) . Gulf pipefish, pez pipa del Golfo. Native. Department: Gracias a Dios. Drainage: Atlantic slope: Patuca.


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