Scybalocanthon moniliatus (Bates, 1887)

Chamorro, William, Marin-Armijos, Diego, senjo, Angelico & Vaz-De-Mello, Fernando Z., 2019, Scarabaeinae dung beetles from Ecuador: a catalog, nomenclatural acts, and distribution records, ZooKeys 826, pp. 1-343 : 226

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Scybalocanthon moniliatus (Bates, 1887)


Scybalocanthon moniliatus (Bates, 1887) Plate 50B

Canthon moniliatus Bates, 1887: 27 (original description. Type locality: PANAMA, Bugaba).

Canthon moniliatus : Gillet 1911a: 31 (complete list of species); Schmidt 1922: 77 (distribution); Balthasar 1939d: 191 (characters in key); Howden and Young 1981: 21 (characters in key), 22 (redescription); Solís and Kohlmann 2002: 4 (characters in key), 36 (redescription); Krajcik 2012: 64 (complete list of species).

Canthon moniliatum : Blackwelder 1944: 200 (list of species for Latin America).

Scybalocanthon moniliatus : Martínez 1948b: 6 (new combination, distribution); Martínez 1949b: 189 (characters in key); Pereira and Martínez 1956a: 114 (characters in key), 115 (distribution); Vulcano and Pereira 1964: 638 (catalog of species); Vulcano and Pereira 1967: 554 (characters in key); Halffter and Martínez 1977: 68 (cited as S. moniliatus (Bates), list of species); Medina et al. 2003: 65 (distribution); Ratcliffe et al. 2015: 195 (cited for Peru); Chamorro et al. 2018: 98 (cited for Ecuador).

Type specimens.

Canthon moniliatus Bates, 1887. Three syntypes examined deposited in NHML. Lectotype to be designated in a future work on this species group.


Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru.

Records examined.

COTOPAXI: Guasaganda km 4, 500 m (1 specimen MQCAZ).

Temporal data.

Collected in December.


Inhabits coastal lowland evergreen forests at 500 m a.s.l. Collected with pitfall traps baited with human feces.