Decliviassus Dai, Dietrich & Zhang 2015

Wang, Xian-Yi, Wu, Yun-Fei & Dai, Ren-Huai, 2018, Three new species of the leafhopper subfamily Iassinae (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) from China, Zootaxa 4442 (3), pp. 378-388: 382

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Decliviassus Dai, Dietrich & Zhang 2015


Decliviassus Dai, Dietrich & Zhang 2015  

Type species: Decliviassus maculatus Dai, Dietrich & Zhang 2015   .

Generic characters ( Dai, Dietrich & Zhang 2015): Head in dorsal view narrower than pronotum; crown not developed, vertex and frontoclypeus transversely rugose; face distinctly broader than tall; gena obtusely emarginate below eye; rostrum slender, extended slightly beyond front trochanter; vertex vertical. Pronotum strongly declivous; forewing appendix broad, extended to wing apex. Male abdominal apodemes poorly developed. Genital capsule with posteroventral part almost completely concealed by eighth sternite in repose, with only anal tube and part of posterior pygofer margin visible. Pygofer lobe elongate, acutely angular, with well-developed ventral appendage.