Atlantolacerta andreanskyi, Published, 2007

Published, First, 2007, Systematics of the Palaearctic and Oriental lizard tribe Lacertini (Squamata: Lacertidae: Lacertinae), with descriptions of eight new genera, Zootaxa 1430, pp. 1-86: 63

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Atlantolacerta andreanskyi


Systematics of L. andreanskyi  

As noted, mtDNA indicates that L. andreanskyi   from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in NW Africa is a member of the Eremiadini   and apparently basal within that group. This position would conform with it lacking the synapomorphies that characterize most other Eremiadini   , namely a derived condition of the ulnar nerve and the presence of a fully developed armature in the hemipenis, which has folded lobes when retracted. It is also distinctive within the Eremiadini   in often possessing an enlarged masseteric scale. Because of its probably basal position without close relationship to any other genus of Eremiadini   and distinctive morphology, L. andreanskyi   is described here as a new genus.