Tessarobelus Montrouzier, 1864,

Mille, Christian, Henderson, Rosa C., Cazères, Sylvie & Jourdan, Hervé, 2016, Checklist of the scale insects (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccomorpha) of New Caledonia, Zoosystema 38 (2), pp. 129-176: 146

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http://doi.org/ 10.5252/z2016n2a1

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Tessarobelus Montrouzier, 1864


Genus Tessarobelus Montrouzier, 1864  *

Tessarobelus guerini Montrouzier, 1864  ** ( Fig. 5E, FView FIG)

Tessarobelus guerini Montrouzier  , in Perroud & Montrouzier, 1864:247.

MATERIAL EXAMINED. — Sarraméa County, 20.I.2005, on leaves and twigs of Syzygium jambos, P. Jolivet  coll., Rosa C. Henderson  det. ( NZAC, CXMNC); Poya County (Népoui, Kopéto), 19.III.2007, on Syzygium  sp., J. Munzinger coll., Rosa C. Henderson  det. ( NZAC).

PUBLISHED RECORDS IN NEW CALEDONIA. — Perroud & Montrouzier (1864); Bhatti (1991).

DISTRIBUTION IN NEW CALEDONIA. — Grande Terre (Sarraméa and Poya counties).

OTHER RECORDS. — Endemic to New Caledonia.

HOST- PLANTS IN NEW CALEDONIA. — Annona squamosa  , Calophyllum  sp. ( Bhatti 1991), Syzygium  spp., Melaleuca quinquenervia ( Cohic 1958a)  , recently found on Carpolepis laurifolia  , Syzygium jambos  and Metrosideros  spp.

NOTES. — Species a redescripted by Miller (1971) from fresh material collected in Sarraméa (Amieu Pass), Ouégoa and Ponérihouen counties, Bhatti (1991) established a neotype from this latter location. It can form heavy infestations on S. jambos  .


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