Ekelofia eltanin, Lowry & Stoddart, 2012

Lowry, J. K. & Stoddart, H. E., 2012, The Pachynidae fam. nov. (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Lysianassoidea) 3246, Zootaxa 3246 (1), pp. 1-69: 19

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.3246.1.1



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Ekelofia eltanin

sp. nov.

Ekelofia eltanin   sp. nov.

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Ekelofia eltanin De Broyer et al., 2007: 157   (nomen nudum).

Type material. HOLOTYPE, male, 6.4 mm, USNM 1157176 View Materials , Ross Sea , Southern Ocean, 76°02.1'S 179°57.0'W to 76°02.3'S 179°52.1'W, 347–358 m, Menzies trawl, 9 February 1972, USARP Eltanin cruise 51, stn 5762 GoogleMaps   . PARATYPE, female, 11.0 mm, MV J38223 View Materials , Fram Bank , north-west of Cape Darnley, Antarctica, 67°31.72'S 69°02.13'E to 67°31.93'S 69°02.02'E, 105–114 m, epibenthic sled, 13 February 1993, M. O'Loughlin, RSV Aurora Australis   , stn AA93-130 GoogleMaps   .

Diagnostic description. Head lateral cephalic lobe large, broadly rounded; ventral margin curved. Antenna 1 peduncular article 1 with posterodistal spine; accessory flagellum 2-articulate, article 1 short; flagellum without callynophore in female, with strong 1-field callynophore in male. Mandible lacinia mobilis a simple robust seta; lamina dentata absent; accessory setal row absent; molar absent; palp attached distally; palp article 2 broad, as long as article 3; article 3 not distally tapered, with anterior margin convex. Maxilla 1 outer plate with 8 setal-teeth in 5/3 arrangement, setal-teeth smooth; palp absent. Maxilliped inner plate small; outer plate large; palp 4-articulate, article 4 large. Gnathopod 1 chelate; ischium smaller than propodus, not swollen posteroproximally; carpus extremely compressed; propodus length about 1.6 × breadth, with a vertical row of setae on medial face, posterior margin well developed, palm with produced corner, corner of palm with simple robust seta; dactylus reaching to corner of palm. Gnathopod 2 palm minute, obtuse. Pereonite 4 without dorsal spines. Pereonite 5 without dorsal spines. Pereopod 5 merus with posteroproximal shoulder. Pereopod 6 basis with posteroventral lobe produced beyond ischium; merus as broad as long, with posteroproximal shoulder. Pereopod 7 basis subrectangular with posterior margin weakly dentate. Epimeron 3 posterior margin without projections, posteroventral corner broadly rounded. Uropod 3 biramous, inner ramus extending beyond article 1 of outer ramus. Telson   as long as broad, entire.

Etymology. Named for the RV Eltanin, which made many fine collections of lysianassoid amphipods from the waters surrounding Antarctica; used as a noun in apposition.

Remarks. Ekelofia eltanin   differs from E. oculata   in: the number of setal-teeth on maxilla 1 outer plate; the presence of small inner plates on the maxilliped; the vertical row of medial setae on gnathopod 1 propodus; the more strongly defined posteroproximal shoulder on the merus of pereopods 5 and 6; and the relatively longer telson.

Distribution. Ross Sea and Fram Bank, Antarctica; 105–358 m depth.


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Ekelofia eltanin

Lowry, J. K. & Stoddart, H. E. 2012

Ekelofia eltanin

De Broyer, C. & Lowry, J. K. & Jazdzewski, K. & Robert, H. 2007: 157