Orasema heacoxi, Baker & Heraty, 2020

Baker, Austin J. & Heraty, John M., 2020, The New World ant parasitoid genus Orasema (Hymenoptera: Eucharitidae), Zootaxa 4888 (1), pp. 1-84 : 67

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Orasema heacoxi

n. sp.

Orasema heacoxi n. sp.


( Fig. 36 View FIGURE 36 )

Diagnosis. Distinguished from O. masonicki by features provided in the key.

Description. Female. Length 1.7–2.2 mm ( Fig. 36A View FIGURE 36 ). Color. Scape yellow to brown. Mandible yellowish brown. Femora brown with iridescence, tips pale. Gaster dark brown with iridescence. Head ( Fig. 36B View FIGURE 36 ). Head in frontal view subtriangular; HW:HH = 1.0–1.3; longitudinal groove between eye and torulus shallowly depressed; IOD:EH = 1.2–1.5; MS:EH = 0.5–0.8; malar depression weakly impressed between mouth and eye margin; epistomal sulcus vaguely defined. Occiput shallowly emarginate in dorsal view. Pedicel globose, broader than F1. FL: HH = 0.8–1.0; F2L:F2W = 1.0–1.8, F2L:F3L = 0.8–1.5 ( Fig. 36D View FIGURE 36 ). Mesosoma ( Fig. 36C, F, G View FIGURE 36 ). ML:MH = 1.3–1.7. Mesoscutal midlobe rugose-reticulate. Scutoscutellar sulcus narrow, broadly separated from transscutal articulation; frenum rugose-reticulate; axillula weakly reticulate. Mesepisternum reticulate laterally with anterior smooth patch, smooth ventrally. Upper mesepimeron smooth; lower mesepimeron weakly reticulate; transepimeral sulcus distinct. Metepisternum laterally smooth. HCL:HCW = 1.5–2.1, reticulate dorsally, becoming smooth ventrally; HFL:HFW = 4.4–6.4. FWL:FWW = 2.1–2.4, FWL:ML = 1.8–2.2. Metasoma. PTL:PTW = 1.0–2.1, PTL:HCL = 0.8–1.1, lateral margin with longitudinal carina continuous with basal flange, ventral sulcus present with margins broadly separated. Apical setae of hypopygium with one pair of setae much longer than the others.

Male. Length 1.8–2.1 mm. HW:HH = 1.0–1.1; scape dark brown; FL:HH = 1.2–1.3, F2L:F2W = 1.2–1.3 ( Fig. 36E View FIGURE 36 ). Fore and mid tibiae yellow, hind tibia mostly yellow with medial brown patch. PTL:PTW = 3.8–5.5, PTL: HCL = 1.5–1.6.

Hosts. Unknown.

Plant associates. Collected on Salvia farinacea Benth. ( Lamiaceae ).

Distribution ( Fig. 35 View FIGURE 35 ). United States: TX. Collected in June.

Material examined. Holotype. UNITED STATES. Texas: Kerr Co., Kerrville-Schreiner Pk , 30°00’7”N, 99°07’34”W, 20.vi.2015, A. Baker & P. Masonick, sweep sage, AB15.014 A [♀, deposited in UCRC: UCRCENT00414529] GoogleMaps . Paratypes. UNITED STATES. Texas: Kerr Co., Kerrville-Schreiner Park , 30°00’7”N, 99°07’34”W GoogleMaps , 22.vi.2015, A. Baker & P. Masonick, sweep mesquite, AB15.017 B [9♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00439287– 95]; AB15.020 B [1♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00439296]; sweep sage, AB15.017 A [3♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00439274, UCRCENT00439280–81] ; 20.vi.2015, AB15.014 B [2♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00414530, UCRCENT00439286]; AB15.014 A[1³ 3♀,UCRC:UCRCENT00439275–78] ; 22.vi.2015, AB15.020 A[4♀,UCRC:UCRCENT00439282– 85]; 494m, 30°00’14”N, 99°07’27”W GoogleMaps , 29.vi.2014, S. Heacox & A. Baker, sweep sage, SH 20-14 [2³ 3♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00436485, UCRCENT00498721–22, UCRCENT00498725, UCRCENT00498730]; 28.vi.2014, AB14.040 [1♀ 1?, UCRC: UCRCENT00498723, UCRCENT00498728]; 529m, 30°00’9”N, 99°07’34”W GoogleMaps , AB14.038 [2♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00436483, UCRCENT00498724] ; 29.vi.2014, SH 21-14 [4♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00498726–27, UCRCENT00498729, UCRCENT00498731]. Kerrville , 30 ° 02’51”N, 99 ° 08’25”W GoogleMaps , 20.vi.1996, W.F. Chamberlain [1³, TAMU: UCRCENT00426496].

Etymology. Named in honor of Scott Heacox, who assisted collecting some of the first specimens of this species and has been a valuable contributor to eucharitid research at UCR.