Cloeodes superior Kluge 1991

Kluge, Nikita J., 2017, Contribution to the knowledge of Cloeodes Traver 1938 (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae), Zootaxa 4319 (1), pp. 91-127: 123-125

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Cloeodes superior Kluge 1991


Cloeodes superior Kluge 1991  

( Figs 137–141, 143–144 View FIGURES 136 – 138 View FIGURES 139 – 144 )

Cloeodes superior Kluge 1991: 130   (larva, ♂ and ♀ imagoes, eggs).

Material examined. Holotype: L-S-I ♂ {specimen [III](7)1989}: CUBA, Rio Guama near La-Alcarraza (border of provinces Santiago-de-Cuba and Granma, 60 km W Santiago-de-Cuba), 20°03'N, 76°28'W, 4.III.1989 GoogleMaps   , coll. N. Kluge. Paratypes: the same locality, 2–8.II.1989: 3 L-S-I ♂, 10 L-S-I ♀, 20 L-S ♂, 10 L-S ♀, 1 larva; Arroyo Paco (tributary of Rio Palma Mocha, 100 km W Santiago-de-Cuba, Prov. Santiago-de-Cuba ), 20°00'N, 76°51'W, 18– 24,1989 GoogleMaps   , coll. N. Kluge: 3 L-S-I♀, 3 L-S♂, 2 L-S♀, 2 larvae; Titin, 4.XII.1983, coll. C. Naranjo: 20 larvae; Idalia, 25.I.1986, coll. C. Naranjo: 16 larvae.

Additions and corrections to description. Larva. Prostheca of left mandible with 3 blunt processes and 3–4 pointed processes ( Figs 139, 141 View FIGURES 139 – 144 ). Maxillary canines and distal dentiseta stout; distal dentiseta widened, with apex somewhat hooked toward canines (as in Figs 8 View FIGURES 6 – 12 , 142 View FIGURES 139 – 144 ). Other characters as described by Kluge 1991.

Subimago. CUTICULAR COLORATION: Cuticle with light brown and colorless areas. Head colorless, only antennae slightly tinged with pale brownish. Pronotum with light brown and colorless areas. Mesonotum at most light brownish, medioparapsidal suture colorless, other sutures darkened ( Fig. 143 View FIGURES 139 – 144 ). Thoracic pleura with light brown and colorless areas; lateropostnotal crest narrowly colored by dark brown, diffusively bordered by light brown ( Fig. 144 View FIGURES 139 – 144 ). Base of wing light brown, other wing cuticle lighter. Legs at most colorless; distal margin of each tarsal segment narrowly bordered by brown. Abdominal terga and sterna slightly colored with light brownish, microtrichiae brown. Cerci colorless.

HYPODERMAL COLORATION: As in imago ( Kluge 1991).

TEXTURE: On all legs of both sexes all tarsal segments entirely covered by pointed microlepides ( Table 1).

Tarsal spines of subimago and imago. Tarsus of fore leg in female with one apical spine on 3dr tarsomere (in male without apical spines). Tarsus of middle and hind leg of both sexes with 2 apical spines: one sine on 1st+2nd and another spine on initial 3rd tarsomere ( Table 1). Other characters of imago as described by Kluge 1991.

Dimension. Fore wing length 4–6 mm.

Distribution. Cuba.














Cloeodes superior Kluge 1991

Kluge, Nikita J. 2017

Cloeodes superior

Kluge 1991: 130