Galactia marginalis Bentham (1837: 62)

Ceolin, Guilherme B. & Miotto, Sílvia T. S., 2013, Synopsis of the genus Galactia (Phaseoleae, Papilionoideae, Leguminosae) in Brazil, Phytotaxa 134 (1), pp. 1-26: 10

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.134.1.1

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Galactia marginalis Bentham (1837: 62)


18. Galactia marginalis Bentham (1837: 62)   . Type: — USA. Texas: Drummond 145 (lectotype US![photo]) ( Figs. 1B View FIGURE 1 , 5A View FIGURE 5 )   .

Stoloniferous-prostrate to erect herbs; leaves unifoliolate; petiole present; inflorescence 1–5 flowered, sessile or the peduncle up to 15 mm long.

Selected specimen: — BRAZIL. Rio Grande do Sul: Rio Pardo , 30º12´S, 52º28´W, 20 October 2007, G.B. Ceolin 127 (ICN) GoogleMaps   .

Distribution: —the species has a noteworthy disjunction in geographic distribution, occurring in southwestern USA and southern South America ( Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil (RS)).

Habitat and ecology:—Pampa biome, growing in open grassland, often among grass tussocks; in dry, shallow and rocky soils.

Notes: —the species is resistant to grazing and burning and able to form large   populations from its xylopodium and stolons.

Phenology:— Flowering and fruiting from October to February.