Agonocryptus russulus Gupta, 1982

Supeleto, Fernanda A. & Aguiar, Alexandre P., 2022, One hundred new records, a new species, and the first pictures of Agonocryptus Cushman (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Cryptinae), Zootaxa 5178 (6), pp. 547-576 : 566

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Agonocryptus russulus Gupta, 1982


Agonocryptus russulus Gupta, 1982 View in CoL

( Figs 13A–K View FIGURE 13 , 20E View FIGURE 20 , 21G View FIGURE 21 )

Agonocryptus russulus Gupta, 1982 View in CoL . Original description, male and female, keyed, map.

Agonocryptus russulus: Yu et al. (2006) View in CoL : Catalog.

Variation. Orbital band faint, almost indistinct or missing ( Figs 13A–C View FIGURE 13 ) (vs. distinct); pronotal collar entirely reddish brown (vs. with white mark); upper edge of pronotum reddish-brown (vs. white); subtegular ridge and tegula reddish brown ( Fig. 13G View FIGURE 13 ) (vs. white); postscutellum yellowish (vs. reddish brown); upper division of metapleuron and metapleuron posterior corner with whitish marks (vs. entirely reddish brown); hind t1 basally blackish (vs. white); hind t4–5 blackish ( Figs 13E–H View FIGURE 13 ) (vs. white); tergites entirely reddish brown ( Fig. 13I–K View FIGURE 13 ) (vs. apically brownish).

Three females from Santa Teresa (Espírito Santo State, southeastern Brazil) have supraclypeal area centrally with a black spot ( Fig. 13A View FIGURE 13 ).

One female from Parque Estadual do Rio Doce (Minas Gerais State, southeastern Brazil) has fore wing with brownish mark only apically ( Fig. 12H View FIGURE 12 ) (vs. present medially and apically).

One female from Guaratuba (Paraná State, southern Brazil) without orbital band ( Fig. 13B View FIGURE 13 ) (vs. distinct).

One female from Capão do Leão (Rio Grande do Sul State, southern Brazil) has petiolar area of propodeum medially with two whitish spots (vs. absent); second recurrent vein meeting areolet at its basal 0.4 or apical 0.35– 0.45 (vs. at middle); areolet wider than high (vs. squarish, as wide as high); hind wing nervellus intercepted a little or distinctly above the middle (vs. at middle).

One female from João Neiva (Espírito Santo State, southeastern Brazil) has the following whitish structures (vs. whitish absent): scutellum, postscutellum, upper division of metapleuron, spot on postero ventral corner of mesopleuron and metapleuron, a mark on propodeum posteriorly, dorsal spot on all coxae, and tergites posteriorly.

Distribution. Brazil (Espírito Santo NR, Minas Gerais, Paraná NR, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul NR, Santa Catarina NR, São Paulo) ( Fig. 20E View FIGURE 20 ). Bootstrap analysis suggests that this species occurs typically between 100–500 m, like most Agonocryptus spp. ( Fig. 21G View FIGURE 21 ).

Material examined. Total of 22 specimens, 22♀. BRAZIL, 1♀, Espírito Santo,?, João Neiva, Sitio Monte Negro ,?, 86 m, 19°44’26.30”S, 40°22’30.61”W, 2007-07-07 /13, F.G.Rampinelli et al., Malaise, UFES42003 View Materials GoogleMaps , LAPIS2919, UFES • 4ib, Santa Teresa, Reserva Biológica Augusto Ruschi , ib, 789 m, 19°53’41”S, 40°32’45”W, 2016-07/08-17/01, A.P.Aguiar et al., ib,?, FAS388, ib GoogleMaps • 7ib, 816 m, 19°54’11.3”S, 40°32’53.4”W, 2016-10-09 /24, 3ib, FAS389, ib GoogleMaps • 5ib, Reserva Biológica Augusto Ruschi at Cachoeira trail, ib, 810 m, 19°54’39.7”S, 40°33’10.8”W, 2016-10-08 /24, 3ib, FAS387, ib GoogleMaps • 2ib, Minas Gerais, ib,?, Parque Estadual do Rio Doce , ib, 300 m, 19°40’08.30”S, 42°31’52.82”W, 2002-07-24 /31, J.C.R.Fontenele, 2ib,?, ib GoogleMaps • 16ib • 10ib, 2002-07/08-31/07, 5ib • 10ib, 2003-06- 10 /17, 5ib GoogleMaps • 10ib, 2007-07-14 /24, 5ib GoogleMaps • 10ib, 2007-07/08-31/07, 5ib GoogleMaps • 2ib, Paraná, 2ib, Embrapa BR476 Km 20, ib, 923 m, 25°21’09.75”S, 49°10’43.50”W, 1986-10-13, PROFAUPAR, 3ib, DZUP GoogleMaps 4ib, Guaratuba ,?, ib, 8 m, 25°53’02.33”S, 48°34’33.69”W, 1976-10/11-31/06, B.Oliveira,?, 3ib • 2ib GoogleMaps , Rio Grande do Sul, ib, Arroio Grande , 2ib, 101 m, 32°13’22”S, 53°11’57”W, 2002-11-15, R.F.Krüger, Malaise, 2ib, UFES GoogleMaps 10ib, 2003-10-24, 5ib • 10ib, 2003-11-07, 5ib • 4ib, Capão do Leão , 2ib, 7 m, 31°48’16”S, 52°24’13”W, 2003-11-21, 5ib • 10ib, 2004-01-23, 5ib • 10ib, 2004-04-02, 2ib, UFES59267 View Materials , 2 View Materials GoogleMaps ib • 13ib, UFES59268 View Materials , 2 View Materials ib • 10ib, 2004-04-09, 2ib, UFES59286 View Materials , 2 View Materials ib • 2ib, Santa Catarina, ib, Nova Teutônia , 2ib, 300 m, 27°11’0”S, 52°23’0”W, 4?, ib, ZSMC GoogleMaps 2ib, São Paulo, ib, Matão , 2ib, 550 m, 21°36’03.79”S, 48°21’39.37”W, 2008-12-02, 4ib, UFES GoogleMaps .


Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo


Universidade Federal do Parana, Colecao de Entomologia Pe. Jesus Santiago Moure


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Agonocryptus russulus Gupta, 1982

Supeleto, Fernanda A. & Aguiar, Alexandre P. 2022

Agonocryptus russulus:

Yu 2006

Agonocryptus russulus

Gupta 1982
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