Campyloneurum costatum (Kunze) C.Presl 1836

Almeida, Thais Elias & Salino, Alexandre, 2015, Thirteen new records of ferns from Brazil, Biodiversity Data Journal 3, pp. 4421-4421 : 4421

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Campyloneurum costatum (Kunze) C.Presl 1836


Campyloneurum costatum (Kunze) C.Presl 1836   LSID


Campyloneurum costatum (Kunze) C.Presl, Tent. Pterid. 190. 1836. Polypodium costatum Kunze, Linnaea 9: 38. 1834. Type: Cuba, Poeppigs.n. (LZ). Fig. 4.


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: catalogNumber: BHCB 151595 ; recordNumber: T.E. Almeida 3046; recordedBy: T.E. Almeida et al.; Taxon: taxonID:; scientificName: Campyloneurumcostatum (Kunze) C.Presl; kingdom: Plantae; class: Polypodiopsida; family: Polypodiaceae; genus: Campyloneurum; specificEpithet: costatum; scientificNameAuthorship: (Kunze) C.Presl; Location: continent: South America; country: Brazil; countryCode: BR; stateProvince: Ceará; municipality: Maranguape; locality: Serra da Pirapora, complexo da Serra de Maranguape ; verbatimElevation: 617 m; minimumElevationInMeters: 617; verbatimCoordinates: 03°53'20.0"S, 38°43'00.0"W; verbatimLatitude: 03°53'20.0"S; verbatimLongitude: 38°43'00.0"W; decimalLatitude: -3.888889; decimalLongitude: -38.716667; geodeticDatum: WGS84; Identification: identifiedBy: A. Salino; dateIdentified: 2014-04-02; Event: eventDate: 2008-08-09; year: 2008; month: 8; day: 9; Record Level: type: specimen; language: Portuguese; collectionCode: BHCB GoogleMaps


Previously known distribution: Southern United States to Panama, Greater Antilles, Trinidad, Venezuela and Ecuador ( León 1993). Fig. 5.


Occurs as terrestrial or low epiphyte in montane wet forests.

Taxon discussion

This species can be recognized by the lanceolate or elliptical-lanceolate leaves, with inconspicuous or slightly prominulous veins ( León 1993). The closest species is Campyloneurum xalapense Fée, from which it differs by the leave shape ( León 1993).