Mobulidae, Gill, 1893

Haque, Alifa Bintha, White, William T., Cavanagh, Rachel D., Biswas, Aparna Riti & Hossain, Nazia, 2021, New records of elasmobranchs in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh: further taxonomic research is essential, Zootaxa 5027 (2), pp. 211-230: 223

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Family Mobulidae  

Two species of Mobula   have previously been recorded from Bangladesh; Mobula mobular   and M. kuhlii   ( Hoq et al. 2011; Roy et al. 2014a). In this study, M. birostris   , M. tarapacana   , M. eregoodoo   and M. thurstoni   ( Figure 13 View FIGURE 13 ) were recorded following examination of 97 mobulid specimens. Genetic analysis confirmed species identification for M. tarapacana   , M. kuhlii   and M. mobular   , and the presence of either M. alfredi   or M. birostris   , but the NADH2 sequences alone cannot distinguish between these two species due to overlapping sequence polymorphism (G. Naylor, unpubl. data). This study confirms the presence of at least six mobulid species in Bangladesh; M. alfredi   or M. birostris   , M. eregoodoo   , M. kuhlii   , M. mobular   , M. tarapacana   and M. thurstoni   where M. thurstoni   has been reported for the first time with possible presence of M. alfredi   .