Pseudopucrolia mutica (Perty, 1833)

de Azara, Ludson Neves, Bernardi, Leopoldo Ferreira de Oliveira & Rodrigo Lopes Ferreira,, 2016, The first survey on harvestmen in Brazilian artificial cavities, with notes on distribution and natural history, Subterranean Biology 17, pp. 31-53: 41

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Pseudopucrolia mutica (Perty, 1833)


Taxon classification Animalia Opiliones Gonyleptidae

Pseudopucrolia mutica (Perty, 1833)  

Previously known distribution.

Bahia: Salvador ( Roewer 1912), municipality not specified ( Mello-Leitao 1926); Pernambuco: Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha ( Roewer 1930), Tapera ( Mello-Leitão 1927); Sergipe: Aracaju, Maroim, Santo Amaro das Brotas ( Soares and Bauab-Vianna 1972); São Paulo: municipality not specified ( Roewer 1913).

Examined material.

Caraí: 1 male ( MNRJ 2271) from Túnel da Br116 (1), 20/VII/2008, new record for state and locality.

Only one individual was recorded in the photic zone of the cavity, at less than 10 m from the entrance. The record at Caraí expands the distribution of this species with about 750 km from the southwest of Salvador, Bahia.