Microlicia variolosa De Candolle (1828: 119)

Romero, Rosana, Versiane, Ana Flávia Alves & Woodgyer, Elizabeth M., 2022, Miscellaneous taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on Microlicia D. Don (Melastomataceae), Phytotaxa 559 (2), pp. 99-131 : 121

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/phytotaxa.559.2.1



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Microlicia variolosa De Candolle (1828: 119)


Microlicia variolosa De Candolle (1828: 119) View in CoL .

Microlicia variolosa var. glabra De Candolle (1828: 119) View in CoL . ≡ M. peruviana Cogniaux (1883: 83) View in CoL . In Brasiliae et Peruviae montanis [in the protologue].

Lectotype (designated here):— [ BOLIVIA], in Cochabamba, Haenke [sheet] ( M0165720 !, isolectotype G00310286!, fragment, upper on the left side) . syn. nov.

Notes:—As previously mentioned, De Candolle (1828) proposed M. variolosa with two varieties: M. variolosa var. hirsuta and M. variolosa var. glabra , without mentioning any particular specimen of M. variolosa ; he cited only “ in Brasiliae et Peruviae montanis.” There is a sheet at M (M0165720) with a description of Rhexia cochabambae handwritten by Schrank and a label with the name Rhexia variolosa and the origin from “Peruvia” (currently Bolivia) (see fig. 10). Therefore, we conclude this sheet is part of the original material of M. variolosa , according to Article 9.3 ( Turland et al. 2018). This publication automatically established the corresponding autonym M. variolosa var. variolosa according to Article 26.3 ( Turland et al. 2018). Since De Candolle (1828) did not mention any original material for the autonym, and this sheet matches the description, we designate Martius (M0165720) as the lectotype (Articles 9.2 and 26.2). De Candolle (1828) provided to M. variolosa var. glabra a list of binomials handwritten by Schrank & Martius on sheets at M [( R. elachistophylla, Cochobambae , alternans, et variolosa Schrank et Mart ! (v.s. in h. Mart!)]. There is a sheet at G (G00310286) with a fragment of a branch and a short description of M. variolosa var. glabra handwritten by De Candolle. This fragment is inside an envelope with the following annotations: Rhexia variolosa , Brazil, Martius, 1827. However, we believe this fragment is part of the Haenke collection deposited at M (M0165720), and this label is a possible mistake since there is no record of M. variolosa for Brazil. Therefore, we consider it a homotypic synonym of M. variolosa . Cogniaux (1883) also indicated Haenke as original material of M. peruviana , and we synonymize it here under M. variolosa .














Microlicia variolosa De Candolle (1828: 119)

Romero, Rosana, Versiane, Ana Flávia Alves & Woodgyer, Elizabeth M. 2022

Microlicia variolosa

Cogniaux, C. A. 1883: )
De Candolle, A. P. 1828: )
De Candolle, A. P. 1828: )
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