Paratenetus punctatus Spinola, 1844**

Webster, Reginald P., Sweeney, Jon D., DeMerchant, Ian, Bouchard, Patrice & Bousquet, Yves, 2012, New Coleoptera records from New Brunswick, Canada: Tenebrionidae and Zopheridae, ZooKeys 179, pp. 257-277 : 258

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Paratenetus punctatus Spinola, 1844**


Paratenetus punctatus Spinola, 1844** Map 1

Material examined.

New Brunswick, Carleton Co.,Jackson Falls,"Bell Forest", 46.2200°N, 67.7231°W, 28.VI.2005, R. P. Webster, hardwood forest, u.v. light (1, RWC); same locality but 46.2150°N, 67.7190°W, 24.VI.2005, J. Edsall and R. Webster, river margin, sweeping foliage (1, RWC). Charlotte Co., 10 km NW of New River Beach, 45.2110°N, 66.6170°W, 10-26.V.2010, R. Webster & C. MacKay, old growth eastern white cedar forest, Lindgren funnel trap (1, AFC). Northumberland Co., 12 km SSE of Upper Napan, 46.8991°N, 65.3682°W, 7.VI.2006, R. P. Webster, eastern white cedar swamp, in moss and leaf litter (1, RWC). Queens Co., Cranberry Lake P.N.A. (Protected Natural Area), 46.1125°N, 65.6075°W, 25.V.-5.VI.2009, 5-11.VI.2009, R. Webster & M.-A. Giguère, mature red oak forest, Lindgren funnel traps (5, AFC). Sunbury Co., Acadia Research Forest, 45.9866°N, 66.3841°W, 8-13.V.2009, 13-19.V.2009, 19-25.V.2009, 25. V– 2.VI.2009, 2-9.VI.2009, 24-30.VI.2009, R. Webster & M.-A. Giguère, mature (110 year-old) red spruce forest with scattered red maple and balsam fir, Lindgren funnel traps (9, AFC, RWC). York Co., Charters Settlement, 45.8267°N, 66.7343°W, 16.IV.2005, R. P. Webster, Carex marsh, in litter and sphagnum at base of tree (1, RWC); same locality and collector but 45.8310°N, 66.7340°W, 12.VII.2005, regenerating mixed forest, beating foliage of red pine (1, RWC); same locality and collector but 45.8340°N, 66.7450°W, mixed forest, beating birch branches with dead dried leaves (3, RWC); Canterbury, Browns Mountain Fen, 45.8967°N, 67.6343°W, 2.V.2005, 13.V.2005, R. Webster & M.-A. Giguère, calcareous cedar fen, in moss and litter at base of tree (2, NBM, RWC); 15 km W of Tracy off Rt. 645, 45.6848°N, 66.8821°W, 19-25.V.2009, R. Webster & M.-A. Giguère, old red pine forest, Lindgren funnel trap (1, RWC); 14 km WSW of Tracy, S of Rt. 645, 45.6741°N, 66.8661°W, 25. IV– 10.V.2010, 25. V– 2.V.2010, R. Webster & C. MacKay, old mixed forest with red and white spruce, red and white pine, balsam fir, eastern white cedar, red maple, and Populus sp., Lindgren funnel traps (2, AFC).

Collection and habitat data.

This species was collected from various forest types in New Brunswick, including hardwood forests with sugar maple ( Acer saccharum Marsh.) and American beech ( Fagus grandifolia Ehrh.), a red oak ( Quercus rubra L.) forest, eastern white cedar ( Thuja occidentalis L.) forests, an old red pine ( Pinus resinosa Ait.) forest, and mixed forests. Most adults were collected from Lindgren funnel traps (29). Adults with specific microhabitat data were collected from moss and leaf litter at base of trees, beating or sweeping foliage, and beating birch branches that had dead dried leaves. Adults were collected during April, May, June, and July.

Distribution in Canada and Alaska.

ON, QC, NB ( Campbell 1991a).