Neocypholaelaps pradhani Gupta, 1969,

Masan, Peter, 2017, A revision of the family Ameroseiidae (Acari, Mesostigmata), with some data on Slovak fauna, ZooKeys 704, pp. 1-228: 1

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Neocypholaelaps pradhani Gupta, 1969


Neocypholaelaps pradhani Gupta, 1969 

Neocypholaelaps pradhani  Gupta, 1969: 335.

Neocypholaelaps pradhani  . - Gupta 1985: 327; Moraes and Narita 2010: 43.

Type depository.

Zoological Survey of India, Calcutta, India.

Type locality and habitat.

India, Kodaikanal, Madras, on flowers of apple tree, Malus pumila  (as Pyrus malus  ) ( Rosaceae  ).


I suspect this species to be a junior synonym of Neocypholaelaps indicus  Evans, 1963.