Pseudecheneis Blyth

Heok Hee Ng, 2006, Pseudecheneis suppaetula, a new species of glyptosternine catfish (Teleostei: Sisoridae) from India., Zootaxa 1267, pp. 59-68 : 59

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Pseudecheneis Blyth


[[ Pseudecheneis Blyth   ZBK ]]

Sisorid catfishes of the genus Pseudecheneis Blyth, 1860   ZBK are diagnosed by a thoracic adhesive apparatus consisting of a series of transverse ridges (laminae) separated by grooves (sulcae) (de Pinna, 1996; Roberts, 1998), and are found in the upper reaches of rivers throughout the Subhimalayan and Indochinese region. Recent studies (Ng & Edds, 2005; Ng, 2006) recognize ten valid species of Pseudecheneis   ZBK : P. sulcata (M'Clelland, 1842) , P. paviei Vaillant, 1904   ZBK , P. tchangi (Hora, 1937)   ZBK , P. immaculata Chu, 1982 , P. sulcatoides Zhou & Chu, 1992   ZBK , P. sympelvica Roberts, 1998 , P. crassicauda Ng & Edds, 2005   ZBK , P. serracula Ng & Edds, 2005   ZBK , P. eddsi Ng, 2006 and P. stenura Ng, 2006 .

As part of a phylogenetic study of the Sisoridae, an examination of material collected from the Ganges River drainage in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northwestern India and previously identified as P. sulcata was undertaken. This material is shown to belong to an undescribed species, the description of which as Pseudecheneis suppaetula , sp. nov., is provided below.