Rhoenanthus (Potamanthindus) magnificus Ulmer, 1920

Kwanboon, Sedtawut, Sartori, Michel & Boonsoong, Boonsatien, 2021, Behningiidae and Potamanthidae (Insecta, Ephemeroptera) in Thailand, ZooKeys 1067, pp. 57-82: 57

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Rhoenanthus (Potamanthindus) magnificus Ulmer, 1920


Rhoenanthus (Potamanthindus) magnificus Ulmer, 1920  

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Materials examined.

5 larvae, Thailand, Chiang Mai province, Chiang Dao, Mae Na , 19°19'13.08"N, 98°53'25.98"E, 742 m, 11.III.2016, B. Boonsoong leg. (ZMKU) GoogleMaps   ; 8 larvae, Loel province, Nam Thob ranger station, 17°15'36.5"N, 101°34'52.9"E, 338 m, 20.III.2016, B. Boonsoong leg. (ZMKU) GoogleMaps   ; 1 larva, Nan province, Bo Kluea district, Sapan waterfall, 19°11'25.8"N, 101°11'56.3"E, 800 m, 28.XI.2020, B. Boonsoong leg GoogleMaps   ; 2 larvae, Nan province, Bo Kluea district, Lamer resort, 19°09'08.8"N, 101°09'17.0"E, 28.XI.2020, S. Kwanboon leg GoogleMaps   ; 3 larvae, Nan province, Bo Kluea district, Mae Nam Wa stream, 19°16'22.6" N 101°10'48.2" E, 848 m, 26.XI.2019, B. Boonsoong leg GoogleMaps   ; 7 larvae, Chiang Rai province, Mueang district, Mae Kon stream, 19°51'46.1"N, 99°39'04.7"E, 534 m, 6.III.2021, S. Kwanboon leg GoogleMaps   ; 2 larvae, Chiang Rai province, Mueang district, Mae Kon stream, Pong Phrabat waterfall, 20°00'41.8"N, 99°48'15.1"E, 470 m, 7.III.2021, S. Kwanboon leg. GoogleMaps  


The larvae of Rhoenanthus magnificus   (Fig. 12 View Figure 12 ) can be distinguished from those of other Rhoenanthus (Potamanthindus)   species based on the following characteristics: i) large body size (18-21 mm), ii) mandibular tusks arched inward about 33-34° (angle measurement as shown in Fig. 10D View Figure 10 ), iii) length of the mandibular tusks ca 1.4 × length of head, and iv) length of the foretibiae ca 1.5 × length of the forefemora and about 2.9 × length of the foretarsi (Fig. 11B View Figure 11 ) ( Nguyen and Bae 2004).


Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Loei, and Nan provinces.


The larva of R. magnificus   was originally described by Nguyen and Bae (2004) from material collected in northern and central Vietnam. The species is known from southern China and Vietnam. In the present study, we found this species in streams of several provinces (Fig. 14 View Figure 14 ).