Tetrastichus cosidis, Hansson & Schmidt, 2020

Hansson, Christer & Schmidt, Stefan, 2020, A revision of European species of the genus Tetrastichus Haliday (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) using integrative taxonomy, Biodiversity Data Journal 8, pp. 59177-59177: 59177

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Tetrastichus cosidis

sp. n.

Tetrastichus cosidis   ZBK   sp. n.


Type status: Holotype. Occurrence: occurrenceDetails: http://www.boldsystems.org/index.php/API_Public/specimen?ids=BC-ZSM-HYM-20721-B06; catalogNumber: BC-ZSM-HYM-20721-B06; recordNumber: BC-ZSM-HYM-20721-B06; recordedBy: C. Hansson; individualID: BC-ZSM-HYM-20721-B06; individualCount: 1; lifeStage: adult; Taxon: scientificName: Tetrastichuscosidis; phylum: Arthropoda; class: Insecta; order: Hymenoptera; family: Eulophidae; genus: Tetrastichinae; taxonRemarks: Holotype deposited in MZLU; Location: country: Sweden; decimalLatitude: 56.617; decimalLongitude: 16.567; Record Level: type: PhysicalObject; language: en; institutionCode: MZLU; basisOfRecord: PreservedSpecimen GoogleMaps  


FEMALE holotype (Fig. 21). Body length 2.1 mm. Head. Width/length in dorsal view 2.1, width/length in frontal view 1.3, POL/OOL 1.8, widths head/mesosoma 1.1, mouth width/malar space 0.9, malar space/eye height 0.9, scape length/eye height 1.1, pedicel+flagellum length/mesosoma width 1.3, length/width F1, F2, F3 2.0, 1.9, 2.0, clava length/width 4.2, lengths pedicel/F1 0.6, lengths F1/F2 1.1, F1/F3 1.0, lengths F1, F2, F3/clava 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, widths F1/pedicel (dorsal view) 1.3, lengths antennal spicule/C3 0.3. Mesosoma. Length/width 1.5, mesoscutal mid-lobe length/width 1.0 (width measured in anterior part), mid-lobe with a median groove that is weak in anterior part, with four adnotaular setae on each side, lengths mesoscutum/mesoscutellum (measured medially) 1.3, lengths dorsellum/propodeum 0.6, mesoscutellum length/width 1.1, length/width of enclosed space between submedian grooves 2.6, distance between SMG/distance between SMG and SLG 1.8, propodeum with weak reticulation, propodeal callus with five setae. Fore wing. Costa cell length/width 10.0, lengths costal cell/marginal vein 1.0, lengths marginal/stigmal veins 2.6. Gaster. Ovate, length/width 1.5, lengths gaster/mesosoma 1.1, Gt7 length/width 0.6, cercal setae nm, ovipositor sheaths not reaching apex of Gt7.

Colour. Body golden-green, antenna dark brown, tegulae black with metallic tinges, wings hyaline, wing venation yellowish-white, coxae and femora concolorous with body, trochanters blackish, tibiae and tarsi yellowish-brown.

MALE. Unknown.


Hind coxa with a strong, sharp and complete carina along posterior margin; malar space 0.9 × eye height; antennal clava 3.9 × as long as wide; mesoscutellum with ratio distance between SMG/distance between SMG and SLG 1.4, length/width of enclosed space between submedian grooves 2.6.




Holotype deposited in MZLU.